constance-arnold  This evening at 7 PM EST, I will be interviewed by Constance Arnold on her radio program – Think, Believe, and Manifest! Constance is a wonderful woman and brings out the best in her guests.   Listen in to see what she brings out in me. Previous guests on Think, Believe, and Manifest! include:

  • Jack Canfield
  • Dr. John DeMartini
  • Lisa Nichols
  • Dr. Dennis Kimbro
  • Marci Shimoff
  • Marcia Wieder
  • Dr. Travis Taylor
  • Berny Dorhmann

That’s an austere list to be part of! Celebrate with me; listen, learn, and share your energy with me. And, if you can’t make it today at 7 PM EST, click this link anytime afterward.  The show will be waiting for you.