Pam Grout  My guest needs no introduction, but I’ll provide one anyway.  Because I just love and admire her so much as a fellow author and a fellow enlightened person.

Pam Grout has taken the world by storm lately with her amazingly powerful book, E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.  If you haven’t heard about E-Squared, you will because it’s power is catching the attention of what seems like the entire deliberate creation world.  It’s a number one best seller.

If you haven’t read E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality yet, why haven’t you?  It’s priced less than a cup of coffee and I can say definitively that you’ll love it.  Additionally, Pam is such a wonderful person that you can feel very good about directing your energy her way; she is fun, insightful, enlightened, and more than worthy of all the accolades and praise being heaped upon her.

E-Squared got my attention right away as I noticed it always showed up in the “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” area of my books on Amazon.  After we were both scheduled for interviews with Tamara Gold, I reached out to Pam.  Turns out Pam was reaching out to me on the same exact day.  And we’ve been mutual admirers ever since.

I wrote a guest post on Pam’s blog and she’s done the same here.   Without further adieu:


“You are already wealthy, but you have been taught not to experience your wealth.”

David Cameron Gikandi 

In 1937 when Napoleon Hill wrote his now-classic tome, Think and Grow Rich, quantum physics was still in diapers. Einstein, of course, had posited his famous theory of relativity, but quantum physicists didn’’t completely understand how it worked.

To tell you the truth, they still have trouble making sense of the crazy quantum world that is changed by simple observation. As famous physicist Richard Feynman was known to say, “nobody understands quantum mechanics.”

However, we do know with complete certainty that thoughts produce energy (much like invisible radio waves) and that they have a significant impact on your life. This energy, in fact, provides the building blocks for your life experience.

The update to Hill’s material should be this: “Think and BE Rich.” Time is irrelevant. You can “be rich” now. Money is only a representation of your “wealth consciousness” and “wealth consciousness” which is the true source of your financial picture is available right at this moment.

Money— or what we think of as money—bills, coins, etc.—are merely tools that demonstrate a person’s “wealth consciousness.” And, in fact, according to David Cameron Gikandi, only 4 percent of money in banks (depending on the country) exist in physical form. Furthermore, he says, “money is not real. It’s a shadow of something else.”

So by expanding your consciousness into the true abundance of the world, you acquire what is in you already. As Gikandi says, “You have more wealth capability within you than you can possibly experience in a lifetime. Nor do you need to know how to convert wealth consciousness into paper money. It happens automatically when you expand your wealth consciousness.”

In the quantum world, you are connected to everything. You already have all the riches you could ever imagine. They exist right now as probability waves. But that’s the problem. You don’t imagine them.

You keep focusing on what you don’t have.

So back to Napoleon Hill. He advises people to come up with a date when they want a certain amount of money. Sometime in the future. But the trick in the quantum world is to “be rich now.” Again, all your riches already exist in the quantum world.

Being wealthy is an internal state. As Gikandi points out, “It has nothing to do with the outside world. The internal state of wealth is a decision you make right now and you become it right now. You need nothing outside yourself to make this decision. Do not attempt to get wealth. Be wealth.

“Even in a billion lifetimes, you cannot possibly exhaust the wealthy given to you freely by life. But you can “fail” to receive it by your own thoughts, words, action, and most of all, your chosen states of being.”

The only thing standing in your way is your “wealth consciousness.” Isn’’t it time to quit “thinking and growing rich?” Instead, it’s time to Think and BE Rich.

And stay tuned to this website for Door#2 (Pam’s next guest post).