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  1. I’m so thrilled to have found you and your work. You’re the missing link — the one who makes quantum physics understandable for all. But more importantly, you instruct in how we can all use it in our daily lives. Amen, Braddah! “The Secret” left a lot out and really helped to confuse a lot of people and push them away actually. I’m reading your works voraciously, but don’t have a kindle. Are there are print books available for the one on creating more abundance and ending suffering? I’m actually thinking of purchasing a kindle just to read your books, although I LOVE real books … how they feel … how they smell, etc. And of course mine are all annotated. I even draw pictures and add flowers, etc. It’s just how I do. But, for your stuff, I’ll get the kindle if the ones I mentioned are not available in print books. Can’t thank you enough. I want all my friends to read these. Many of my friends absolutely interpret their reality through their 5 senses, so I tend to call them (not to their faces) “the nickel people”. Love ’em anyway, but sure wish I could get them to change their worlds. Anyhow though, I’m sure changin’ mine. THANKS & ALOHA, Joy Banks.

    • What a nice thing to share with me, Joy. I am honored that you’re allowing me to be so valuable to you.

      I love this way of life, it works, and (just for today) I will never go back to Newtonian paradigms.

      Regarding the Kindle-only books? They are not currently available in paperback form, only Kindle.

      Of course, you can download the free Kindle app to your Android phone and/or your desktop. No need to purchase a Kindle reader, unless you desire one.

      I’m excited to know you’re playing “Grow a Greater You” with me and the rest of us. This way of life is more than fun – it is, as you so aptly stated, thrilling.

      Aloha right back at ‘ya!

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