A Simple, No-Cost Way You Can Help Manifest the Greatest Desire of Them All

Law of Attraction Science Guy  You are a conscious creator.  You know that you see things when you believe them.

Yet, in many respects, your first forays into deliberate creation fell far short of your fantasies of becoming the Genie of the Lamp.  Many of your greatest desires remained unfulfilled and that is disappointing to anyone.

Like Me, You Are Not Yet Fulfilled and I’m Glad You’re Not

Thus, you are now seeking real answers, which come from new paradigms.  New paradigms from quantum physics.  New paradigms which teach you how the universe actually “works”.

And, more importantly, new paradigms which teach you how to fulfill your role in our universe.  The role of the contextual creator of every person, place, event, and thing in your own, unique, individual universe.

This role is real.  You’ve been playing it your entire life.  Only, until now, you never played it with the amount of power and influence you truly desired.

You’re Now on the Journey of Growing a Greater You

But those days are over.  You’re reading my books, you’re using this website, and, now, you’re subscribing to my newsletter, Why Quantum Physicists…

There is no reason for a leading-edge deliberate creator like you not to subscribe to my free newsletter, Why Quantum Physicists…

Not doing so, in poker vernacular, is “leaving money on the table.”  Not subscribing is like not turning your windshield wipers on in the rain; it simply doesn’t make sense.

I’m Bribing You to Subscribe

As a subscriber to Why Quantum Physicists…, you’ll never pay a dime to:

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Here’s Why I’m Bribing You

I’m thanking you?  Yep.  You see, by subscribing you are helping me get that much closer to manifesting my greatest desire: making human suffering truly optional.

Is that a grand goal?  Is it even possible?  If it’s not possible, I guarantee you that’s not because we can’t do it if enough people join us in making a reality for themselves.  It is, in fact, possible.

I Simply Can’t Manifest My Greatest Desire Without Your Help

You are the only person who can add your energy to the manifestation of suffering become optional.  No one but you can make your contribution; if you don’t make it, it will not be made.  So, thank you, in advance, for adding your light to the growing number of beacons on this planet which are shifting our communal beliefs in immensely powerful, altruistic, and humane directions.

Adding your light simply by playing “Grow a Greater You”, aligning your beliefs with your desires, and creating a life of your dreams.

And our communal manifestation of suffering becoming optional starts right here, right now.  When you add your energy to that manifestation by subscribing to my free, Why Quantum Physicists… newsletter.

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I’m very grateful and excited that you’re joining us.