The Real Reason You Should Never Wrestle a Pig

pig-wrestling  Ever heard the phrase, “Never wrestle a pig; you’ll both get muddy and the pig will enjoy it”?

What about, “When I get in an argument with a butthead, pretty soon we’re impossible to tell apart”?

I recently got into a disagreement with someone.  Both of us felt absolutely certain about our perceptions of what caused the disagreement.

Did I follow the sage advice listed above?

Yes.  And no.

You, Mr. “Science Guy”, Wrestled a Pig?

But I don’t mean “no” in the way you might be thinking.

First of all, let me state that I’m not calling the person I disagreed with a “pig”, nor a “butthead”.  If I did, I’d be negating the very real fact that, to this person, I am just as much a “pig” or “butthead”.  Calling names in a disagreement is never a good thing; of course both of the parties think their perspective is correct, so how can one of us truly be a “butthead” and the other not? (Click that link to Tweet it)

But the reason I said “no” about following the advice is this: I never argued.

Did I believe I was right?  Yep.  Still do.

Yet, if I argue with the person, I am plainly saying one of two things:

  1. My being right needs to come at the other person’s expense; I cannot be right unless the other person is wrong
  2. I am not sure I’m right, so I have to argue (and convince the other person that they are wrong) to feel okay about my perspective

The Real Reason You Shouldn’t Wrestle or Argue With a Pig, Butthead, or Anything Else

Neither of those two beliefs, I have found, serve me in the least.  In fact, all they do is help solidify the illusion that I am separate from everyone (and everything) else.  And they help reinforce the illusion that life is a zero-sum game – that someone must always lose when I succeed.

Those two beliefs do not create a desirable material reality for me.  Or for you either.

What is the alternative, then, to arguing when you disagree?  Simply blow out the candle of argument by not trying to convince the other person (or yourself) of why you are right.

Allow the other person to be right also.

You Don’t Need to Be a Doormat to Choose Not to Wrestle the Pig

So, no, I didn’t follow the advice.  I simply walked away after I shared my perspective, allowing the other person to be right without sacrificing my integrity.

Of course, you might choose to state your perspectives on the disagreement.  That is what I did.  And that is healthy and can be helpful to both of you for various reasons.

But if you choose to simply state your perspectives, do so without any motive to convince the other person (or yourself) about why you’re right.

I’ve heard it said that someone’s opinion of me is none of my business.  I agree.  Someone else’s opinion of me is solely theirs and is formed by their beliefs and the stories they tell(Click that link to Tweet it) The fact that their beliefs and stories are not aligned with me doesn’t mean I need to educate them so they can see the “error of their ways.”

Doing that is “wrestling a pig” and “arguing with a butthead”.  Don’t do it; your serenity and peace of mind are too valuable to throw aside.

A New Story to Replace the Old “I Gotta Convince This Person That I’m Right” One

The next time you’re in disagreement with someone, even if you “know” you’re right, try this story: (Click that link to Tweet it)

“Although I am rather certain that my perspective is right for me, I can allow this other person to believe differently than me.  His/her opposing beliefs have no power over me, nor any influence over my state of being (unless I choose to let them).  It is okay for this other person to believe he/she is right, even if that also means he/she believes I am wrong.  His/her opinion of me is none of my business and I can choose, today, to let us both walk away with our own perspectives intact; arguing with him/her only shows that I need him/her to be wrong (or to validate my beliefs and perspectives) to feel okay about me.  If I choose this path today, I can rest assured that my serenity will not be compromised and that I am affirming my own beliefs and my security in them.”

I believe you can already surmise that this story not only feels better, but also allows you to stay in alignment with your desires because it affirms your self-worth.  And you are correct to surmise that.

And stay tuned to this blog for more tips about how to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your desires…

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  1. Hey mr Greg,
    thanks very much for the QP tie in to LOA. it’s working for me on many levels.
    for example:
    I got a perfectly shaded parking place,
    I found the silver strappy heels that feel made for my foot-no mean feat-pun intended….on sale.
    AND I got an e-mail from an out of State govt employer who is reviewing my qualifications, all in one day.
    I just read your book about Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail…LAST NIGHT.

    Now I am intending that it helps me land that interview.

    I am trying to re-frame my stories about every thing I come in contact with-including my concepts of my Self.
    Your book helped a lot by simplifying and telling me in very concrete terms what I need to do to Create my portion of the Quantum Field. The part I want to see.
    I guess it pretty much boils down to You get what you Expect so be careful of exactly what your deeper expectations are.

    TY very much for taking the time to share what you’ve learned with all of us, your readers.

    • Teresa,

      I’m very excited to hear from you and to read that you have manifested some really cool experiences already.

      The more you practice better-feeling, believable stories, the more you’ll manifest things that are of even greater importance to you. It’s like becoming a real-life magician!

      We manifest things from the quantum field which are coherent with our energy, or our state of being. Raise our state of being (our beliefs) and our manifestations rise with it (like boats in the tide).

      You can’t go wrong (unless you stop trying).

      Thank you for your comment and for sharing your positive energy. Please stick around.

  2. Dear Greg,

    Recently, some funny events have happened that I wanted to share. Around a month ago, I was wrestling with some familiar pigs. To clean myself from the mud, I dove into some interesting audios. Needless to say, it started working. One day I was thinking to myself “you know, I need to attend some seminars, change things up, expand, and mesh with some like-minded people.” So the snowball was rolling and “poof,” out of the blue an unfamiliar guest was scheduled to visit my home at a time when, well, I wasn’t having it. I tried to resist by holiday shopping all night to avoid the encounter but boy was I in for a surprise. I came home late and this person was still at the house! My only choice was to be courteous and visit. Interestingly, I was spooked as the topic of the conversation just so happened to be “my life!” I graciously participated as I knew I had asked for it and was taken on a belief-morphing roller-coaster ride. This individual was clearly “in line” (hmm interesting, happens to have master’s degree in Astrophysics) and concluded our long, intense conversation by recommending a particular series of seminars. Obviously, I was pleasantly surprised. It is exciting to know that my greatest power is within my grasp through my beliefs. This is why yesterday I ordered your book “Why Quantum Physicists Play ‘Grow A Greater You'” from amazon which I undoubtedly look forward to reading.



    • Joey, thank you for sharing your story.

      I’m intrigued about your mysterious guest. Sounds like he or she led you in some interesting directions.

      I’m grateful you’ve included me on your journey and hope I’ve been helpful.

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