Courage  I used to think that it took power to have courage.

Power in the form of being given permission.  Or having experience.  The power to make my own decisions and form my own rules.

Not with everything, mind you.  But with stuff I was really scared of?  I told myself I wasn’t powerful enough to have that kind of courage.

What Do You Expect From Little Old Me?

I didn’t have the kind of power necessary for real courage.

  • I wasn’t powerful enough, usually, to be worthy of my most important desires.  That takes courage I didn’t have.
  • I wasn’t powerful enough, usually, to be honest about my perceptions when they differ from those of someone important.  That takes courage I didn’t have.
  • I wasn’t powerful enough, usually, to listen to others’ truth about me and learn from it.  That takes courage I didn’t have.
  • I wasn’t powerful enough, usually, let go of being right and focus on facilitating the desired results.  That takes courage I didn’t have.

Maybe I Never Succeeded, But at Least I Didn’t Have to Fail!

The one good thing about thinking it takes power to have courage?  I was never without a handy, dandy excuse for not acting in my own best interests; I always had justification for not doing the very things that would have served me.

  • “Oh that’s easy for you to say.”
  • “Sure, if I had that kind of money I’d do it in a heartbeat…”
  • “Come on, it takes the right kind of connections to…”
  • “I sure wish I had his last name, anybody with his father could…”

If you’re like me, you know the drill.  Even if you’re not, I’ll bet you’ve known enough people just like that.  I’d argue with you until blue in the face that you were 100% wrong about me possessing the power to make my life better.

The Truth Shall Set You Free (But First It’ll Probably Piss You Off)

I’d sooner eat a spider than agree with the idea that I could do things differently, in ways that would serve me and actually work.


Because I only perceived such ideas as a finger of blame.  Pointed straight at me.  I heard people saying, “It’s your fault, Greg; you are doing the wrong thing, you are to blame for your pain, and, once again, you aren’t good enough.”

You Already Possess Everything Necessary for Outrageous Courage

It wasn’t until I’d had enough pain that I became desperate enough to try such courageous things, despite not having the power to do so.

And when I did?  I discovered that I’d been wrong all along.  I learned that, when it comes to having active, creative influence over my life, it actually takes courage to have power.

So revel in your courage to play “Grow a Greater You”; the power you always thought you first needed manifests.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques for using quantum paradigms to align your beliefs with your desires and creatively influence your life…