Basketball player  You could absolutely play professional basketball in the NBA.

Without a doubt, you could play for the Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, or Los Angeles Lakers.

Your salary demands won’t be outrageous.  The team will be happy to pay you the relatively small salary (compared to other NBA players, that is) you’re demanding of a mere $2 million/year.  And you’ll begin enjoying a level of financial abundance you’ve only dreamed about.

You’re Not Asking For a Handout or Anything

To play for an NBA team, you would:

  • hire the finest coaches money can buy
  • train with those coaches for ten hours a day
  • adhere to this training schedule every single day except Sunday
  • keep this schedule for an entire year before you join the team
  • maintain your rigorous training, merely amended to match the schedule of an active NBA player

All to get your skills where they need to be and keep them there, right?

This Plan Will Work Perfectly Execpt for One Small Thing

The only thing standing in the way of this beautiful plan, which will work perfectly, is but a minor detail.  In fact, this minor detail is actually the one and only reason you’re not preparing to join an NBA team at this moment.

The minor detail?  No NBA team will hire you and, thus, you can’t get started on that training schedule.

After all, that is the way it works, right?  “If the Los Angeles Lakers will hire me and give me a $2 million salary, I will start training harder than anyone on the planet and become an awesome basketball player.”

Aren’t we all familiar with that perspective?  As in:

  • If my company will promote me and pay me $700,000/year, I will start wearing tailored suits to work, I’ll always take the lead on our toughest projects, I’ll stay late and do whatever it takes for us to succeed (even if it’s not in my job description), and I’ll get my MBA.”
  • If that incredible guy in the apartment four doors down will become my boyfriend, I will get a makeover, I will upgrade my wardrobe, I will always make sure that I look and feel great anytime I leave my apartment, and I’ll workout at the gym for at least an hour every single day.”
  • If Steven Spielberg gives me the starring role in his next blockbuster, I’ll move to Los Angeles, I’ll work with the best acting coach in Hollywood, I will get plastic surgery so my face is as stunning as the role requires, I’ll workout and do yoga every day so I have the necessary sex appeal.”

Just Give Me Access and I’ll Start Doing Everything You Would Want Me To

I mean, come on!  Get serious!

We all know that these examples perfectly illustrate just why life is usually so unfair!  We’d do all the things required to manifest our greatest desire in life – if only that desire’s gatekeeper would tell us “Yes, I’m going to allow you to have this.”

I know, by the way, that you don’t really believe any of the examples I just shared.

But, if you take time to assess, you’ll undoubtedly find that you follow this formula a lot more than you imagined.

Don’t Care to Join the Lakers?  This Still Applies to You, I’ll Bet

Don’t believe me?

What if I phrase that formula differently?  Like this:

  • If I have more money, I will feel fulfilled.”
  • If I meet my soul mate, I will feel nurtured and loved.”
  • If I get a better job, I will feel successful.”

Still doubting that you often follow my ridiculous formula for joining an NBA team?  Sure, we may not use this plan to do many things where conventional wisdom tells us it won’t work.  But we’re still apt to use it all the time when it comes to experiencing our desires.

Both Formulas Are Identical in Principle and Practice

And if you find my formula for making an NBA team ludicrous, you can no longer pretend that making a desired outcome responsible for your state of being isn’t.

Yes, making a desired outcome responsible for your joy is every bit as backwards and incorrect as expecting the Los Angeles Lakers to hire you before you become an NBA-caliber basketball player.  So if you rolled your eyes at my proposal for joining an NBA team, I hope you know see that such a plan doesn’t work when applied to anything.

Your feelings merely reflect the alignment (or mis-alignment) of your beliefs and desires.  So if you want to manifest a desire, all you need to do is raise your beliefs into alignment with it.

The desirable feelings will follow, as they reflect the much more aligned experience you have.

And stay tuned to this site for more tips and techniques for using quantum paradigms to align your beliefs with your desires and manifest your dreams…