The Movie Interstellar Reveals the Two Forces Truly Powerful Enough to Actually Transcend Every Dimension

Interstellar  Matthew McConaughey is brilliant in Interstellar.  Christopher Nolan has done it again, creating a mind-bending film that you’ll be discussing for days afterward.  Interstellar is destined to become a film classic, a la 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Those are all opinions.  And here is another one, more important than those: Interstellar shows us that gravity is not the only force powerful enough to transcend the constraints dimensions create.

I’ve Been Bugging My Wife Discussing My Theories About the Science of Interstellar

By now, you know what a science geek I am.  So it should come as no surprise that the science in Interstellar is hard for me to stop talking about.

Black holes, singularities, multiple dimensions, wormholes, time as a dimension, time’s relativity, gravity’s power and influence – these are some of the central science themes and theories Christopher Nolan has woven into Interstellar.

I don’t wish to reveal any spoilers here; although Interstellar doesn’t provide a “twist” ending, like The Sixth Sense, you should still see the film without knowing exactly what’s going to unfold.

But I do want to discuss the two forces Nolan believes are powerful enough to transcend the perceived limitations presented to us by multiple dimensions.

There Are More Dimensions in Our Universe Than We Commonly Perceive

There are three dimensions to our universe we’re all familiar with – length, depth, and width.

Length and width are experienced (and described) as intersecting lines.

While depth is a powerful dimension which allows us the sensory experiences we would most commonly identify with human life.  Depth is experienced (and described) as a cube.  Depth gives us three dimensions.

There is a Dimension of Our Universe That We Never Even Think of As a Dimension

The fourth dimension is time.  Time is not objective, it is relative.  And our experience of it is a construct of our human filtering, interpretation, and assemblage of energy/information.  In other words, there is no discernible reason stating that time must be experienced (or created) in the direction humans are doing.

Quantum physics posits, by the way, that there are many other dimensions.  The other dimensions are thought to be future possibilities and potential.  The fact that we are not experiencing them, in this moment, as we do the first four makes them no less real than length, depth, width, and time.

You see, a dimension is simply a facet of how humans see and experience the universe.  A dimension is a means of human perception, or human creation, of the material world.

A Force More Powerful Than Any Dimension

Quantum theory holds that gravity may very well be a force powerful enough to transcend dimensions.  Gravity, therefore, might be the “Rosetta stone” of human mastery of the physical universe.  Once we fully understand gravity, the theory holds, we should be able to use that knowledge to do what might currently be unimaginable.

Gravity is a “head” force; gravity is a “head” energy.  Gravity is a field of hard scientific study.  Gravity is a real, accepted, verifiable field of scientific research – the kind of science that “serious” scientists work with and generate world-wide acclaim by doing so.

Yet could there be another force as powerful as gravity?  Could there be a force so powerful that, like gravity, it is not imprisoned by the limitations of our dimensional experiences of the universe?

Gravity Has An Equal?

Christopher Nolan, in my opinion, says “Yes, there is another force with the same power as gravity.”  And he shows us that second force in Interstellar.

What is the other force powerful enough to transcend dimensions?


Don’t role your eyes.  Mine is not a sappy, love-conquers-all interpretation (and Interstellar does not provide this message either).  Although I do want to share that if someone feels that way about love, I don’t think she’s silly.

That Love Isn’t Yet Thought of As a Field of “Hard” Scientific Study Doesn’t Mean It Never Will

The reason you might role your eyes at the notion that love is a force, like gravity, is that love is not a “head” force.  Nor a “head” energy.  Love is a not a field of hard scientific study.

Love, as a tangible and influential force, is not a real, accepted, verifiable field of scientific study (not yet anyway).

Yet I’m saying that love may be a force like gravity.  A force which is shared and communicated, on an energy level, across dimensions.  And a force with shares information and exerts influence just as gravity does.

Perhaps Love Is Worthy of Our Study As a Force

You need look no further, by the way, than the HeartMath folks, if you’d like to read up on the power of your heart’s energy.  My dad has worked with them for years.

Additionally, is it coincidental that every religion and spiritual practice identifies love as the foundation of human meaning and power?  I don’t think so.

In Interstellar, love has as much influence as gravity upon the decisions of all the protagonists and upon the outcomes of every decision.  Love certainly pierces through all dimensions like a hot knife through butter.  And, in fact, you might just find that love has more power than gravity.

I love how Christopher Nolan makes use of love, by the way, as a real force.  Just like gravity.  Love is not a deus ex machina in Interstellar, which might have ruined the movie by insulting many viewer’s discerning brains in tandem with their sophistication.

Love is Definitely Worthy of Playing “Grow a Greater You” With

A big take-away from Interstellar is that we should examine our current paradigm of love.  Do we compartmentalize love as a “fun” flight-of-fancy, reserved for tickling our soul and providing us pleasure?  When love might actually be a much more useful and helpful force than we’ve imagined it?

For me there can be little doubt that love, as a force, is a beneficent energy.  And if we are willing to put our beliefs about love through the same intentional belief-raising process as we’ve done with other desires while playing “Grow a Greater You”, I can’t help but wonder: what possibilities await us?

Can we exert influence upon our neighbors and our descendants?

Upon our planet and our universe?

Even upon our predecessors?

Who Will Join Me in Playing “Grow a Greater You” With Our Beliefs About Love?

I’ve learned not to place limits upon the quantum field.  And to not place limits upon “Grow a Greater You”.

I’m putting my beliefs about love through the belief-raising process; I’m playing “Grow a Greater You” with love.  Who’s with me?  Who will join me in intentionally influencing the unlimited potential and possibility of our future?

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques for using new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your desires and create a life you truly love…


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  1. “Can we exert influence on our neighbours…?”

    Tens, maybe hundreds, of thousands of people or more who have practiced the “metta bhavana” meditation (the cultivation of the feeling of loving-kindness) all experience that Yes, we can and do influence others through this emotion.

    Quite often, for example, the mediator will focus on a difficult work coleague (without their knowledge), and next day at the office, that person “inexplicably” starts to behave more reasonably.

    I’ve just bought your books (recommended by Pam Grout in E Cubed) and I’m looking forward to learning your techniques for taking things to the quantum level 🙂

    • Awesome Steve. Right on and thank you for sharing that.

      In my experience with playing “Grow a Greater You”, when my beliefs change my reflections of them from the quantum field change too. Thus the world changes.

      When I see and experience different reflections, as you’re describing, does that mean I have created structural, physical change in the “thing”? Sometimes that happens, but what always happens, however, is that the meaning, value, significant, context, and relevance of that “thing” changes. And, in that manner, that “thing” changes completely in my universe.

      Thank you for reading. Glad to have you aboard, my friend!

    • Hello Karen. Thank you for asking. I’m honored you’re giving me an opportunity to be of value to you.

      Love is the emotional perspective at the top of the Emotional Reference Chart. It is an emotional state of the highest order and almost always represents rewarding alignment between our beliefs and desires.

      In this manner, love is already a huge part of “Grow a Greater You.”

      More specifically, there is a book in the works all about playing “Grow a Greater You” from the top of the Emotional Reference Chart. Those of you who have reached the top already know that our journey does not end there – in many respects, in fact, we can say that our journey begins there.

      I look forward to creating this book, which is in the pipeline. Right now I’m working on a book for people not already very familiar with the law of attraction and intentionally creating your our reality (of course, it will also be fun and helpful for those of us already “in the fold” too).

  2. Thank you for making this movie. WOW. I did not even really know about the Law of attraction with any degree of understanding. Although I had stumbled across various watered down ideas connected to it throughout my life……(ie…..constructive thinking, meditation and tia chi). I saw your movie in November. We had discussed several ideas in the movie but again not from a point of enlightenment. But those ponderings were enough to draw into my life the events of last weekend when I was introduced to the law of attraction via the movie The Secret! I have been transformed overnight by the realization of my power as a co creator in our physical world. My Change was so dramatic my friends now call me extreme and tell me I’m off the deep end. In reality I am ecstatic that the wonders and words of all the great teachers have come alive with clarity of one voice from the universe, that I have a new sense of responsibility for every thought and emotion I send into the universe. But this time I am not listening to closed minded traditionalists. I started asking the universe for like minded ppl to interact with and then I came across this article and I realized the themes presented on your movie were intentional. So here I am to say thank you! What an incredible life we live.

    • Thank you, Ramon, for letting me know you’ve allowed me to be of value.

      I want to make sure, though, that you know I did not make this movie. I am excited to share about how it inspired me and I appreciate that it did so for you too.

  3. Dear Mr. Kuhn,

    Thanks for your fearlessness. Engaging love in this pragmatic way goes so far away from and against the social agreement. I’m sure you’ve had many lonely and/or frustrating moments dispensing a cognized version of what is perceived as an ethereal force. I empathize. I find your work fascinating but I find your ability to market it the larger miracle.
    I’ve been going over Interstellar… analyzing it and mining it for its value to us as co-creators in our shared experience. I’m a visual artist and I’ve been experimenting with ideas of unity and entanglement and how perception can be a facilitator or a blockage to “Growing a Greater US.” My primary methodology is “creating conditions” that generate an altered state thus making perception shifts more possible and more fluid. Love is my primary tool, so hearing your emboldened and passionate thoughts really provide a gust of wind in my sails. Thanks for being of value!

    • Kendell, thank you for sharing that. I am honored to be of value to you and grateful you’ve allowed me to be such a presence in your universe.

      I truly believe that my passion helps the truth resonate. And, in the end, it is really the truth.

      It is not pseudoscience. It is not necessarily metaphysical. And it is also not necessarily new age. In fact, its ready for the Larry King Show (but it’s usually much more fun to write/talk about it like this).

      My partner is an oil painter, by the way, as well a sculptor. I love watching her express herself and consciously invite her connection to the universe into the creative process.

      I’m proud to be a gust of wind. And I hope I keep on gusting in your universe for a long time to come!

  4. Ok, yeah, I get what you’re saying, about love as a force. It makes sense. I’ll join you in exploring. I’d rather explore for the benefit of all; wish everyone would. So where to start? How do I experiment with this force called love?

    • Okay, Terry.

      How about this idea? I do it and it seems like it works.

      Send a loving, helpful message to a “past” you. And a “future” you.

      Just be careful who you tell about the experiment.

      • That sounds like a fun idea! But if I send a message to my “past” me, wouldn’t I already know that I received it? Where should I start, that is, in researching quantum physics? I’m a writer, musician but very inquisitive, deep thinker so I’m not intimidated by anything.

        • Bingo, Terry!

          Your “past” Terry, who actually exists right now (just on another perspective of the giant right-now), has already been blessed by your experiment.

          Don’t let yourself down, send the message.

          And send a message forward too.

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