The Ideal Recipe for Misery

Here’s the perfect recipe to be pissed off all the time. To be miserable. To be filled with resentment.

  • Awaken from the illusion that life is happening “to” you.
  • Embrace the idea that you are a contextual creator of your life experiences.
  • Start exerting influence on your material reality.
  • Accept that your life experiences, your material reality, is a reflection of “you.”

How Does Using the Law of Attraction Constitute a Recipe for Misery?

Wait a minute? That’s a recipe for getting pissed off and resentful? Because that sounds like the formula to use the Law of Attraction.

Yep, for many it is the perfect recipe for suffering and anger.

Even though it looks like I just wrote out a perfect game plan for using the law of attraction to manifest an amazing life full of your desires, I left out one important piece of the puzzle. One key differentiation that most people are never taught.

The One, Key Antidote to Misery is Missing

Missing is one vital component – a non-negotiable, must-have if you want the true freedom and joy of the spontaneous fulfillment of your desires originally promised you.

What is that key differentiation? The missing piece without which that formula becomes one of suffering?  Your life experiences, your material reality, are not a reflection of “you.” They are a reflection of your beliefs.

Semantics, you say? No way, I counter.

If you think your material reality is a reflection of “you”, if you’re like most people, you get angry at yourself and beat yourself up. You take the reflection personally; for your reflection to be unwanted, after all, “you” must be doing something wrong.

Or worse – “you” must be wrong.

Most People Mistakenly Think Their Manifestations are a Reflection of “Them”

“You” are not your beliefs. In fact, you’re not even responsible for having the ones you hold anyway. You didn’t ask for them, nor did you seek them out. They were given to you.

So “you” don’t need to beat yourself up when your manifestations aren’t pleasing you. They don’t reflect “you,” they merely reflect your beliefs.

Your reflection thus, isn’t personal. It’s information, like a thermometer reading, which tells you whether or not your beliefs are aligned with your conscious desires.

So differentiate yourself from the average law of attraction practitioner. Amend your understanding to see your material reality as a reflection of your beliefs, not “you”.  And start benefiting from the helpful feedback that reflection provides.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your desires….

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  1. Excellent article! How true! We aren’t our bodies, our brains, and not even our “mind”. I’ve heard it said “We Are What We Expect”…interesting way to put it. WTG Greg, you’ve nailed it.

    • John, what high praise. Thank you for taking the time to say so.

      I tell ‘ya – being given opportunities to be of value is an awesome gift to receive! Thanks for giving it to me; I love it.

  2. I don’t think there’s any randomness anywhere – though there appears to be. But everywhere man has looked, order has been found where none was previously expected.

    I predict this will continue to be shown true as more of reality becomes understood.

    But if true then, souls are born into situations as purposefully as they live their lives. And belief teachers – be they people or situations – are an inseparable part of the incoming package chosen.

    I’ve often contemplated the seeming powerlessness of childhood’s dilemma. But it’s what cements the initial power of belief in the seeming independence of the physical world “out there.” The price is, denial of who we are – in the form of forgetting.

    Subsequent experience wouldn’t be as “real” (for better or worse) without this strength of conviction.

    • Dennis, you are a deep thinker. I love it. And I love it when you share your thoughts.

      I agree that the more we learn the more connected everything seems to be. The less our current construct of this time-space (the tangible, eyeball-level, material world) needs to dictate our experiences with, and our involvement in, our material experiences.

      And I’m pretty darn sure that our grandchildren will look back on our generation and say, “Isn’t it funny that people used to think they were detached and uninvolved observers of the material world, and thought that life happened ‘to’ them?”

      How wonderful for us to live on the cutting edge and adopt these new paradigms before they become conventional wisdom. We try them, find them useful, and proclaim them true. That’s how change has always worked and I imagine it always will.

  3. Hello Greg. I am currently reading your Building New Beliefs book. I think this is the ‘missing piece’ I’ve been looking for. Now I understand why my affirmations have not worked in the past.
    I want to start working my way up the emotional chart but I’m afraid to write and live my way through the lower emotions.
    Abraham has said that anything we give our attention to just gets ‘bigger and bigger’. I’m afraid that my problems will escalate if I live my day, (or days), ‘rolling around like a dog in newly mown grass’ from the perspective of my lower emotions. Did you find that your past financial situation became even more stressful while you were moving through the lower emotions?


    P.S. Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail was a real eye-opener for me.

    • Hello Susan. Thank you for your comment; I am honored you’ve given me an opportunity to be of value to you.

      Your question is an understandable one. Let me answer the question, “I want to start working my way up the emotional chart but I’m afraid to write and live my way through the lower emotions…Did you find that your past financial situation became even more stressful while you were moving through the lower emotions?”, this way:


      Definitively “NO” – for two primary reasons.

      1. When we write our way up the Emotional Reference Chart we start where we really are, with how we really feel. In other words, you are not “creating” the negative feelings – you are merely acknowledging whats already there. HUGE difference.

      And those feelings (and the beliefs which they are alerting you about) have always been reflected back to you by the quantum field.

      2. The minute you start intentionally working your way up the Emotional Reference Chart, you are living your way into HIGHER feelings/beliefs. Although only slightly higher at first – they are more positive from day one.

      You are never “creating” negative feelings when you do this process and play “Grow a Greater You”; you are merely opening the blinds and letting the sun shine one what’s already there. What you’re writing about has always been there and, in fact, will always be there unless you intentionally raise it.

      Intentionally raising it is, of course, exactly what you’re doing when you play “Grow a Greater You”.

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