The Hugs Are Free On February 15th

Greg in Libertyville 2  Want to “Grow a Greater You” together in Louisville, KY this month?

I’m giving a seminar right here in Louisville on February 15th from 12:30 – 3:30 PM at the Louisville Center for Spiritual Living. 

This event is a fundraiser for LCSL and the cost is only $30 (Ticket to my seminars in other cities have been $55 and up).  Yet, while the price is lower, the learning and fun are not!

The seminar is titled “Grow a Greater You Live”.  You will have fun learning, in everyday language, how to practically and appropriately apply your life to new quantum paradigms and intentionally exert much more influence upon your material experiences.

Here is a link to the LCSL’s low-tech advertisement for the event:

If you are interested in attending, you are asked to contact Carolyn Harvill at

I’d love to see you there.  It’ll be a blast!

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  1. why do my pets exist? they have no conscience do they? Do they grow a greater them or are our cats here just for us to love and enjoy?

    • Great question, Julie. Pets need to have beliefs to be able to create material experiences in the same manner we do.

      Whether or not they have beliefs is debatable. I am not sure they do. They have learned behaviors and expectations based on experiences.

      Yet I have heard people more involved with pets suggest otherwise.

      Do some experimentation and let me know what you find.

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