Toilet Bowl  Painful feelings are feedback.

They are not the cause of undesirable experiences.  Nor do they make undesirable experiences worse.

Thus, painful feelings are not to be avoided.  In fact, there is only one thing you should do with them.

We’d Feel Our Feelings More Often If They Felt Better, Right?

Feel your feelings.  That’s the one thing you should do with them.

Especially the unpleasant ones.

So you can learn the lessons they have for you.  Lessons about your current beliefs which are creating such unpleasant versions of your circumstances.

These Lessons Teach Exactly What We Need 

Empowered by those lessons, you can then adjust your beliefs to grow into alignment with your desired experiences.

Most people cover up their painful feelings, however.

And, in doing so, don’t get to learn the lessons they contain.

Green Water Is The Information – Not The Problem

Here’s a metaphor for such cover ups:

If you desire a leak-free toilet tank, put green dye in the tank water.

If your tank leaks, you’re alerted to it by  green water in your toilet bowl.

What if a previous homeowner, however, used this idea and didn’t tell you?

You see green water in your toilet bowl and, logically, assume the problem is…there’s some green water in your toilet bowl!

How do you solve this problem when you don’t know what the green water is telling you?  You flush your toilet; you get rid of the green water and get rid of the problem.

But, of course, you must keep flushing it to continually provide yourself with the illusion that the problem is solved.

And, of course, you’ll continue to find green water in your toilet bowl until you fix the leak.

Let A Toilet Guide You

In that metaphor, replace:

  • The green dye with “your feelings”
  • The toilet tank with “your beliefs”
  • A clear toilet bowl with “your desires”
  • The leak with “beliefs not aligned with your desired experiences”

Now you’ve got a pretty clear illustration of how most people treat the information provided by their feelings.

Don’t Flush, Adjust 

Fix your leak.  Adjust your beliefs.

It’s a lot more effective than flushing your toilet every time you’re displeased by green water.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to align your beliefs with your desires and have greater influence over your experiences…