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    • Thank you, Glenn, for allowing me to be of value to you. It is an honor only you can bestow and I appreciate it deeply.

      I will make sure your “arsenal” stays well-stocked! 😉

    • What a nice thing to read, P.T. Thank you very much for sharing it.

      I’m honored you’re giving me opportunities to be of value to you. Have you read my books? If not, you will enjoy them greatly.

  1. Gregg, thanks so much for the e-book. I can’t get enough of your writing! I’ve been immersing myself in your “Why Physicists” series and just purchased “Grow a Greater You”. I can’t wait to get started on it and the e-book. I love your insights. You’ve given me so much to think about and believe in. I would love to be able to quote you in my blog on abundance. Thanks again so much!

    To your abundance!

    • Wow, Margot. Thank you so much for taking the time to share that with me. I’m honored because it is you, my friend, who is deciding that my writing is so valuable and my insights so keen.

      Of course, I do agree with all your praise. 😉

      Please feel free to quote me. Spread the word far and wide.

      One of the coolest things about writing is knowing that I will be making real connections with you. Thank you for reading; I can feel your energy.

  2. Hi Greg,
    I am very excited about your books. I listened to and read Abraham-Hicks for years, but never really got to where I wanted to be, even though I thought I was doing everything just right. I consequently decided Abe didn’t work for me. After reading your book “Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail”, I see that although I could “talk it up” and actually get some real emotion flowing, my true beliefs were still firmly in place. I pretty much gave up on LOA. Now I’m excited all over again. I’ve got your books on Kindle, paperback and audio–That’s excited!

    Here’s my problem, and it feels really big to me, even though it really doesn’t look like much after I wrote it down..
    My husband and I have a business that we started 5 years ago. It’s grown slowly (verry slowly) over this time, but it’s not nearly where we want it to be. We’re both in our 50’s, and need to get this show on the road!
    We both work all the time, and we’ve got our 15 year old daughter working about 12 hours per week as well.
    We’ve tried hiring people several times, but it has not worked out well. We tend to get people who seem to have too many problems of their own, with lots of excuses. So we tend to work harder when they’re around. I’m usually very glad when they’re gone.
    But obviously we cannot grow our business in a big way without good employees.
    We don’t feel we’re prepared to hire quality help right now because the place is such a disorganized mess. (Because we’re too busy doing the physical day-to-day work to actually get organized, etc.) We seem to be taking one step forward and two steps back each week.
    I tell my husband to just hire somebody, anybody NOW! And he tells me, that, sure he will, after we get this and that and the other done. We’re both at our wits end!
    And Worse, Every Time we make a little headway toward getting things organized, and moving in the right direction, something out of left field gives us a big Whack. Usually these things come in two’s and three’s. Equipment breaks, vehicles break, somebody gets sick, teenage drama, family member in hospital, family member in rehab, lawsuits, etc.
    You get the picture.
    Months and years are going by, and although we have a really good business, it’s just nor working for us. It’s gotten to where I don’t even like being there anymore.
    We need a vacation, but we can’t even get a weekend off!
    Please give me a good story!

    • Randi, thank you so much for asking me for help. It is a true honor for you to allow me this opportunity.

      I must confess that I “turned off” the comments on this page and wasn’t savvy enough (yet) to double-check. Thus your generous question lay here for find it (and it took me a while). My apologies for that; I assure you it wasn’t intentional.

      Thank you for mentioning the Hicks and Abraham. Anytime someone honors me by writing about me and writing about the Hicks in the same entry? I love it because I am such a fan myself.

      What I’ve found is that I’m providing some different ways of explaining the “how” that people who are fans of the some of the biggest, and most legit, leaders in the new age/metaphysical/spiritual community are finding them incredibly valuable because of how incredibly well they work and how simply I’m teaching how to do it.

      Here’s what I have to share with you, brother. You already have half your ship built, I’ll bet. You don’t even know it yet, but my intuition is that you’ve got so much bubbling in your belief growth-tank, you will explode playing “Grow a Greater You”. Seriously. I do not believe you are far (in spiritual distance, not chronological distance) from “being” the beliefs you desire.

      Actually, if you introduce one thing right now (and keep reading Why Quantum Physicists Play “Grow a Greater You”) you will rock your world. Be completely, totally honest about every, single, individual people, places, and things you experience every moment of each day. No matter what your honest feelings are (although you are allowed to keep them to yourself if they might offend too greatly or cause harm to another). No matter how “bad”, “negative”, or “yucky” they are – no exceptions – about every part of your material world. At least to yourself and that is non-negotiable!

      And here is the key to not only why this will explode your life, Randi, but also how it is 100% guaranteed to work: there are two kinds of emotional honesty and you’re going to be doing the “Grow a Greater You” version (instead of the one you used to do)!

      The same one I used to use too, by the way. And the same one that I still find myself using on a regular basis. So please know, I do not consider the truth an insult and I trust you don’t either.

      You, Randi, are going to be completely emotionally honest TO LEARN.

      You are not, Randi, going to be completely emotionally honest to BLAME.

      Here’s how you are completely emotionally honest to LEARN. I share my real, true feelings about everything I’m willing to each day (and my most enjoyable days are the ones when I do that for pretty much every, single person, place, and thing I experience). And as I share my feelings (even if only with myself), I am doing so to process them and learn from them. Every feeling gives me vital information – ABOUT ME! Not, mind you, information about what that particular person, place, or thing is doing wrong and what they need to do differently so I can be happier.

      I listen to the feeling, share it (at least with myself), and process it. Processing it is a special part of being Completely Emotional Honest to Learn, because that is where I really learn so much about my beliefs and how they creating displeasing or pleasing reflections. When I notice that the reflection is displeasing, whether person, place, or thing, I naturally pause and say, “Wow. Look at this. I’m casting a pretty displeasing shadow out of this (person, place, or thing). What do I want to do here – for real? Do I want to ‘win’ and ‘be right’ or do I want to be pleased by the reflection I’m casting here.”

      I’m not suggesting for a moment that people, places, and things bear no responsibility for their qualities, characteristics, decision, and actions. That is not what it means to be Completely Emotionally Honest. We honor our real feelings, after all, and those include everything from preferences all the way to boundaries.

      What I am sharing, though Randi, is that as long as your are Completely Emotionally Honest because you want to pay attention to what your real feelings are and take responsibility for causing the reflections that spawned them, you will never look back.

      You will become the things you so desire in the only way that happens. One gift at a time. And each gift just gets better and better, I promise.

      So I have no pre-written story for you tonight, my friend. Nope. Instead I laid out the whole enchilada and taught you how to tell your own stories that will Grow a Greater Randi like you can’t yet even imagine.

      Please go forth, use this gift, rock your world, and be patient by receiving the gift of this emotional perspective – right here, right now, in this present moment!

  3. Thanks Greg for your writings. I am new to your books but they resinate within me. I plan to enjoy your entire series.
    Peace & abundance to you. Vada

    • Vada, it is me who should say “thank you.” Thank you for allowing me to be of value to you. That is your decision alone and one I would never take for granted.

      Having shared that with you, I’d also like to say you’re welcome.

      I love writing and would do it even if no one read it. Yet knowing that you’re reading it, along with tens of thousands of others, makes it all the more rewarding.

      Please keep me in the loop as you read, practice, play, and grow.

  4. Greg, You have no idea how much finding you this evening means to me.Found you “by accident” on YouTube. Please help with where to start, you have definitely been brought to me by this universe, God! I am 73 years young–have been on a major quest for the last 7 years to get this all together. Abraham-Hicks, Conversations with God, Greg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Larry Crane, Lester Levenson, many of the teachers from Mind Valley, and practitioners from Unity and the New Thought Movement. Alot of asking God for truth, and here you appear with what I think will be the piece I need to pull us out of a very deep financial hole. I am right now reading what is available of your book “Why Quantum Physicists Play Grow A Greater You” and will purchase it. What of your information will create the quickest, shortest journey?
    Blessings, Pat

    • Wow, Patricia, being mentioned in the same paragraphs as those other luminaries is exciting. Thank you for sharing your praise and thank you for allowing me to be of value to you.

      The quickest, shortest journey? That is an interesting question.

      My books and website share only the things I’ve learned that work. The techniques I’ve found to produce pleasing results.

      The essence of what I teach (which is what I think of when asked about the quickest and shortest journey) is this: be completely emotionally honest, at least with yourself, 100% of the time. No matter how pleasing or displeasing the emotions are.

      And, part and parcel with your commitment to complete emotional honesty is this: share your feelings (with yourself and/or with others) to learn. Not to blame. And, likewise, listen (to yourself and others) to learn. Not to blame.

      That is the “Cliff Notes” version of Grow a Greater You.

      Read, apply, live, grow. Looking forward to hearing about your journey; thank you for playing.

  5. Lieber Gregory Kuhn,

    warum komme ich nicht mit meinem Geld zurecht?????????
    wie kann ich die Fülle in mein Leben fließen lassen?????
    Ich bin ein Mensch der keinem etwas böses will, Lebe mein Leben mit allen Höhen und Tiefen
    und stehe immer wieder auf wenns mal richtig brennt.
    Vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort Gertrud.

    • Per Google Translate, you said:

      “Dear Gregory Kuhn ,

      why I do not get along with my money ?????????
      how can I let the abundance flow in my life ?????
      I am a man of no little ill will , live my life with all its ups and downs
      and am always on If something really burns.
      Thanks for your response Gertrud.”

      Thank you, Gertrud. I am honored that you’re allowing me to be of value to you.

      The answer to your questions is the topic of all my books, articles, interviews, classes, seminars, etc. Thus, a response here would be a gross injustice to the depth and breadth of what I have to share with you.

      If you want me to answer your questions in a few sentences, though, I’ll give it a try.

      The universe always tells us the truth. In fact, the universe can do nothing but tell us the truth. The universe is always teaching us what we truly believe ourselves worthy of. We are constantly pretending that the universe is lying to us, saying, “No. That is wrong. I DO want these things; I DO deserve these things. Why don’t I have these things?” But the universe, always honest, will only reflect what we believe we’re worthy of back to us. What we wish for, want, hope for, feel good about, etc. are not reflected back to us, only what we truly believe.

      We get mad and stomp our feet, demanding that something HAS TO BE WRONG! Screaming that we’re worthy, dammit! Angrily pointing out how preposterous it is to suggest that we do not belief ourselves worthy of our desire(s)!

      Yet the universe will never be drawn into the argument continually try to initiate. It simply continues to tell us the truth about what we believe, by reflecting our beliefs back to us.

      So, we learn to switch our focus. Instead of focusing on how wrong, unfair, unjust, etc. it is that the universe won’t “give” us our desires, we learn to listen to the universe and let it teach us.

      By listening to the universe, instead of arguing with it, we able to raise our beliefs into real alignment. And, thus, experience the pleasing reflections of our aligned beliefs. That, Gertrud, is how manifesting actually works.

  6. I’m looking forward to reading more of your words of wisdom. I have always recognized that when I have a significant spiritual growth, so do I have a financial reward. I look forward to your further explanations.

    • Thank you, Phyllis.

      I look forward to writing more words of wisdom; you honor me, not just by reading them, but also by perceiving them that way.

  7. Thank You, Greg. i am enjoying life much more now. I had read about the ERC in the Abraham-Hicks works, and forgotten about it. Everything happens in it’s right time. Now I am using it to Grow! I am realizing so many wonderful insights. I am grateful that I have reached a stage of Being where I can recognize my outer life for the reflection that it is, and be extremely grateful for all of the wonderful people and things that it is reflecting right now, as it shows me that I am on the right path and “Growing Greater” every day!
    Thank You!

    • I’m very grateful you took time to share that with me, Cate.

      Your success is mine; thank you for helping me be fulfilled today.

      I’m on this path too so your choice to walk with me is special.

  8. Good Morning Greg,

    Just a thought, I read a few years ago where W. Dyer was describing an episode in Turkey back in the mid 70’s I believe, anyway he was there with his wife working and at the time the country was going through some turmoil of sorts and it was very hard to get out of the country, so while at the airport he went on to explain that he envisioned himself getting on a flight and getting the frick out of there because it was a very dangerous situation. Well he was successful in manifesting that in a very short amount of time, less than a few hours. So in the words of the immortal Paul Harvey “Now for the rest of the story”.
    A few months back, at the end August 2015 I was on a short vacation in Minnesota my home state, I now reside in Ca., and on the way to the airport for my return trip I had this short thought that even if I was to miss my flight everything would be fine even if it cost me more money. Well when I went to get my boarding pass I was actually one hour behind schedule, and I’m normally very prompt being self employed and all. So a moment of fear enveloped me but I put it quickly to rest with the thought that everything will turn out for the best. So as the ticket agent searched for the next available flight he looks at me and says well you’re in luck and I can get you on the next flight at no charge. Right then it dawned on me that *** was reaffirming for me that I’m on the right path and as Jesus said, to paraphrase “geater things than I do you also can do”.
    Well I have much more to share about my journey but it will have to be at a later time, so thanks for your blog and all that you do.
    p.s. I found you through Pam Grout’s site and I just learned about her eight short days ago.

    • What a treat, Michael, to hear about your affirming experience.

      I concur that relaxing and accepting has always increased the potential for a more pleasing outcome. Even if that doesn’t happen, however, I’m almost always better equipped to respond to the less-pleasing outcome.

      Don’t you love the win-win nature of all this?

  9. Thank you so much for writing “…Build New Beliefs” I am halfway through reading it and it makes so much sense and resonates with me. I love your style of writing as well!
    Do you have any thoughts on whether I should start with anger or self-worth issues. I get so angry and judge and blame–others and myself. Or, maybe dealing with the self-worth issues would have a cross-over or domino effect on my anger issues….hmmm

    • Thank you, Becky.

      Here is my feedback: start with a desired experience. Don’t start by looking what to “work through”; start by identifying what you wish to experience – and then get there.

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