Greg as Oscar  I think I might win an Oscar.  Okay, this isn’t the “Oscar” I’m referring to, but that really is me.  Dressed up as Oscar the Grouch, from Sesame Street.

I hope to win the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.  And I believe I can.  Because I’m in thousands of movies.

Not the kind of movies people go to the theater to watch.  I’m in your movie (and thousands of wonderful peoples’ movies just like it).

You Get to Be in a Super-Cool Movie Each Day

Your “life” is a lot like a movie, after all.  And in the movie you call “your life”, you are the star.  You are the lead actor (point of reference: it’s actually proper to refer to male and female thespians as “actors”; the title “actress” is, technically, an unnecessary twisting of theatrical nomenclature).  All the  plot lines revolve around you.

You wouldn’t want it to be any other way, would you?  I wouldn’t.

And think for a moment just how relevant the movie metaphor is.  You already know that you create your material reality through your beliefs.  Your beliefs unconsciously create expectations, which form coherence with the quantum field.  The quantum field, then, forms a material reality which mirrors your beliefs back to you.

And You Aren’t Just In A Super-Cool Movie

Yet you aren’t simply the star of your movie.  You are actually the “director” of your movie, in the truest sense.  You are directing, dictating, the scenes in the movie you call “your life”.  And, when you are displeased by your material reality, you can yell, “Cut!” and make changes to the scene, just like Steven Spielberg does.

Of course, in your role as “director”, making changes to the scene (as you already know) refers to changing your beliefs so that they can become aligned with your desires.  And you know that, by changing your beliefs in this manner, the scenes in your movie will start unfolding much closer to your “script” (or your desires).

In fact, your are also the writer of your movie.  You come up with the script, after all, when you allow your desires to formulate.

Supporting Characters Can Come and Go; Thank You For Letting Me Stay

In the movie you call “your life” you have lots of supporting characters.  These supporting characters are, of course, starring in their own movies – but in your movie they are a supporting actor.  I am one of those supporting actors in your movie. So:

  1. Allow me to say “Thank you!” for letting me be a supporting actor in your movie.  It is a great honor to be in your movie!
  2. Allow me to say “Thank you!” for letting me be a valuable addition to your movie.  I so enjoy being a beloved supporting actor in your movie.

And, make no mistake, you are the one who makes me valuable.  You are the director of your movie, after all.  You can cast me (and every other supporting actor) in any role you choose.

I’m Actually Not the One Responsible For The Value I Bring to Your Movie

Let me clarify what I mean here:

  • I write, speak, and teach
  • I do my level best to channel important information – from the universal mind, through my heart, to you
  • I invest my energy in imbuing my writing, speaking, and teaching with value
  • I meditate to serve as a conduit for universal wisdom

Those are not “small” nor unimportant things.  I am super proud of my work.  Yet those four things are truly all I do.  I simply let the information flow through me and I “put it out there”.

You are the one who seeks it, reads it, and hears it.  And then you decide what value it has; you label it and allow it to be helpful, exciting, uplifting, motivating, invigorating, etc.

Those are all your decisions.  My work does not await your discovery in a pre-existing state of “magnificent” and “valuable”.  You, and you alone, make it magnificent, valuable, uplifting, etc. through the stories you tell yourself about it.  Through your “direction”.

This Also Serves As An Awesome Remedy for “Inflated Self-Importance” Status (Anytime I Start Drifting Toward It)

Turns out Steven Spielberg has nothing on you!

Hence, my desire to win the Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.  In your movie.  You, the wondrous director of your life, make me what I am (to you).  And I actually can’t thank you enough for that.

Thank you so much for your consideration; I am truly honored simply to be in the discussion for this Oscar!

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your desires…