How You Feel is Infinitely More Important Than Anything You Do

ACTION  Can it really be true that action is not the end-all, be-all in our universe?  Sounds untrue and counter-intuitive, doesn’t it?  And it certainly doesn’t jibe with our own, “eyeball” experience, does it?

Yet, as strange as it might sound, quantum physics has shown us, undeniably, that action is not the primary change agent in the universe.

When the Director Yells “Action” – Run!

So if action is not as important as we’ve been led to believe, what is?  Quantum physics, it turns out, tells us that energy is the most important factor for any change.

It you take action, like no longer eating foods that you understand to be “bad” for you or exercising to lose weight, but you don’t feel good about that action, quantum physics tells us that you are creating a circumstance where your action will have a rather limited positive effect on you.  And maybe even a negative effect!  In other words, it is literally impossible for anything you feel “bad” about to have a “good” effect on you.

You Mean Action Isn’t Important?  Well…That’s Not Exactly What Quantum Physics Says, But You’re in the Ballpark

Think of it this way.  If you are married, but have feel bad feelings about your spouse, how much positive effect will your marriage have upon you?   Certainly, you can still experience some positive things – someone to talk to, someone to help you around the house and help you pay the bills, someone to run errands for you, etc.  But the authentic positive benefits of a loving, trustworthy, and intimate marriage will be missing – and so will the positive results you’d get from that relationship.

The same thing is true about your weight-loss efforts.

So I Should Just Stop Doing Anything?  Hmmm.  That’s Doesn’t Sound Right

And, just as you don’t have to get a divorce to change your results in the previous example, you don’t have to necessarily completely reform your weight-loss efforts either.  You simply need to find ways to feel good about what you’re doing (in either, or any, example)!

Don’t misunderstand, action is still important.  But how we feel about an action (our energy) is infinitely more important than the action itself.  And that’s precisely why the energy paradigm must replace the action paradigm if you really want to find weight loss success.

The  way to enact the new energy paradigm is to make absolutely certain that your feelings about anything you do are good.  And are truly aligned with your desired outcomes.

When You Stop Saying I Am Fat You Start Solving a Huge Problem

frustration  Let’s take a moment from our discussion of the new paradigms from quantum physics  which you need to finally lose your unwanted weight.  Today let’s discuss a practical application of the new holism paradigm in weight loss.

What follows is a “street-level” way to engage the power of the holism paradigm with your weight loss.

I Don’t Care How Much You Weight; “You” Aren’t Fat!

So often, I hear people with unwanted weight say, “I am fat”.  And I almost always cringe.

I have found, through researching quantum physics, that the words we use are very important.  Why?  Because they not only reveal but also reinforce our beliefs.

And here is the problem presented by saying, “I am fat” (which seems like a fairly “innocent” phrase and, certainly, is one everyone seems to use without discretion).  Saying, “I am fat” defines me as a person.  It defines my state of being.

And if you can tell me that the word “fat” doesn’t have negative, if not awful, connotations for you…well, I’m going to tell you that I don’t believe you.

So if I say, “I am fat”, I am defining who I am and my state of being using a very negative word with really bad associations.  Yuck!  How can I feel good about myself under that definition of “who I am”?!

Look How Important the Words We Use Are!  They Make a World of Difference, Don’t They?

But what if, instead, I say, “I have unwanted weight”?  That phrase does not define who I am or my state of being.  That phrase merely describes a current physical condition – which then starts building and reinforcing a belief in the possibility that my unwanted weight is not permanent!

Try it right now.  Say these two phrases aloud and really pay attention to your gut, noticing how each makes you feel

  • First, say, “I am fat”.
  • Let a little time lapse.
  • Next, say, “I have unwanted weight”.

I dare you to tell me you didn’t notice a difference.  And, in addition to the second phrase feeling better, were you lying to yourself or “sugar-coating” your present weight-loss challenges?  Nope…not one iota!

My recommendation is to never refer to yourself as “fat” again!  You’ll notice a big difference in your weight-loss efforts!

Why Your Constant Weight Loss Actions are Actually Keeping You Heavy

Newton  The second new paradigm necessary for your weight loss efforts to actually work like you hoped (and you were promised) is the energy paradigm.

The paradigm that the energy one replaces (from the old science) is the action paradigm.

Accomplish More By “Doing” Less?  What a Concept!

The old science said that action was the most important agent for change in our universe.  And the world took notice; the action paradigm arose and took very firm root in every aspect of the industrialized world.

Let’s look at modern weight loss, through the action paradigm.

  • Aren’t you told that if you have unwanted weight, the most important thing to do is take action?  Change your diet, start different exercises, avoid certain foods, eat more of certain foods, etc.?
  • Aren’t you taught that taking those recommended actions will result in predictable outcomes?  Such as losing a certain amount of weight in a certain time-frame?
  • Haven’t you also been told that, if you have unwanted weight, you can trace your weight problem backwards to reveal the specific actions which caused it?  For example: your upbringing probably created emotional baggage which now creates a state of mind where you uncomfortably weigh more than you’d like.

You don’t need me to tell you that the action paradigm is too limited to help you with your weight loss efforts.  You already know that the actions prescribed by weight loss “gurus” have not worked out for you as promised.  And you intuitively understand that your state of mind is too context dependent to be pinned to any specific actions which occurred in your past.

Wait a Minute?  Diet and Exercise Aren’t Important if I Want to Lose Unwanted Weight? Well…Not 100% True, But I’m Glad You Asked!

This is not to say that changing the foods you eat and exercising are bad things; those are very good things to do if you want to lose weight.  And this is not to say that events from your past can’t have an effect upon you today; our experiences reveal that this can certainly be the case sometimes.

But it is certainly true that the action paradigm has not allowed you to effectively enact weight loss programs.  And the reason for this is that the action paradigm is not an accurate description of how the universe really operates!  While containing some elementary truths, this paradigm is far too limited to rely upon as heavily (pun intended) as we have been taught.

The more accurate (and proper) paradigm for you to hold is the energy paradigm.  Just as with the holism paradigm, all you will need to do is follow the same good instructions for weight loss – the difference is that they will actually work this time (and even better than you were ever promised)!

In my next entry, I’ll begin to explain the energy paradigm.  Stay tuned…