A Poem To Explain My Motivation

writing  Inspired by Jack Sh*t Getting Fit, a really funny weight-loss blog I enjoy reading, I wrote this poem about my new book:

I write for pleasure,
I write for gain.
But mostly I write
to help people escape the pain
of living their lives
with unwanted weight,
Because having an fit body jibes
with feeling just great.
My new book
is uplifting and cool.
it’s worth a long look
because it teaches new rules
for using quantum science
to help people finally
end their reliance
on the weight loss industry.

If you’re an English teacher, please be kind.

Your Secret Super Power and How It Can Change Your Reality (and Help You Lose Unwanted Weight) Almost Instantly

teach superpower  Ever play a fun game that I’ve played with friends, where you all get to choose one super power to have?

Super speed, super strength, x-ray vision, and indestructibility are always popular options.  I always choose having the ability to fly, ’cause I could always avoid traffic.

But what if you really could have a super power – in real life?  What if you could have the super power of consistently getting more of what you want out of life?  Not because of “luck”, but on purpose and intentionally?  Manifesting your desires, such as, but not limited to, losing your unwanted weight?

Guess what?  I can teach you to have this super power.  It’s simpler to acquire than you might imagine and you can begin using it immediately to lose your unwanted weight (and just about anything else you desire).

“Wonder-Twin Powers…Activate!”

To acquire this wonderful super power you only need to do one thing: make it your primary purpose, just for today, to be grateful as much as humanly possible.

Sound too simple?  Sound crazy?  I can understand your reaction, but my instructions for acquiring this amazing super power are actually rooted in the very real and reliable science of quantum physics.

Why You See What You See and Experience What You Experience in Life

Let me explain.

In our universe, reality is completely subjective.  You’ve read on my blog that quantum physicists tell us that each observer sees her own, unique universe (and that is meant to be taken literally, not figuratively).   You, literally, see your own unique version of the material world (which, of course, includes your physical body); the material world you see is wholly (and only) yours and is “reality” only for you.

And quantum physics tell us that we create our unique reality not just through our observations, but, more importantly, through our expectations.  And our expectations are created from our beliefs.

Your New Super Power is Already Inside You, Simply Waiting for You to Unleash it Today

Since you now know how your material reality (including your physical body) is created, isn’t it an easy, logical conclusion to see that if you improve, or “upgrade”, your beliefs you will automatically see a different, improved-version of your reality?  I hope so, because this is scientifically true.

Try it today.  Find reasons to be truly grateful for as many things as you can – even the things you usually take for granted, like breathing, your ability to drive a car, your sense of humor, your wonderful mind, etc.  And especially the things you commonly label “unwanted” experiences – by looking for the hidden gifts and opportunities inherent in them (hint…they are there if you’re willing to look for them and are open to see them).

And stay tuned to my book and this blog for ever continuing tips and techniques to finally lose your unwanted weight using the life-changing science of quantum physics…

How a Light Two-Mile Jog Can Erase a Small Avalanche of Donuts and Pizza from Your Belly

jogging-weight-loss  I recently tried a quantum weight loss experiment, using me as the test subject.  This experiment is typical of experiments I performed to perfect the formulas I teach you in Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat.

Doctor Frankenstein, the Test Subject is Ready!

The basis for this experiment is all surrounding facts I’ve also discussed in this blog:

  • Reality is subjective; each person sees her own unique universe
  • Your thoughts are real, tangible things and they manifest into physical reality for you
  • Your beliefs dictate your expectations and your expectations tell the sub-atomic particles what to form in your material reality

For five straight days I ate the following:

  1. At least four Krispy Kreme donuts (one chocolate-glazed whipped cream filled, one regular-glazed whipped cream filled, one glazed  blueberry cake, and one chocolate-glazed custard filled)
  2. An entire Little Caesar’s sausage pizza for lunch (just the topping though; not the dough)
  3. A regular breakfast and dinner (nothing unusual from my routine)

I did not do any concerted exercise during this period.  By the fourth day I was feeling fat.  And, when I looked in the mirror, I was seeing “fat”.

Now Come On!  How “Fat” Can Someone Actually Get in Four Days?

Although logic would dictate that I would’ve only put on, at most, about four or five pounds with this four-day diet (I did not include actually weighing myself as part of this experiment), the power of my beliefs, and the feelings that accompanied them, were awesome to behold.  Eating these foods that are difficult for me not to call “bad” and doing little exercise had me both feeling and seeing “fat”.

And Really?  How “Thin” Can Someone Actually Get After One Jog?

On the afternoon of the fourth day I went for a jog.  Nothing strenuous – just a couple miles.  Before I left, I was still feeling fat and I lifted my shirt to verify that I was still seeing “fat”.

Jogging is something that I choose to call “good” for my body and I have told myself enough good feeling stories about it that it has tremendous power over how I feel about my body and what I see in the mirror.

As I jogged, I concentrated on how good it felt to be out moving and caring for my body.  I focused on how grateful I was to be outside moving all the different muscles, stimulating my circulation, and pushing sweat out of my pores.

When I returned from my two-mile jog and stretched I noted the following:  I immediately felt “thin”.  And, just as experience has shown me would happen, when I looked in the mirror I saw “thin”.  Just from that one jog!

Although logic would dictate that I wouldn’t have lost any weight from a simple two-mile jog , the power of my beliefs, and the feelings that accompanied them, were awesome to behold.  Doing this exercise which I choose to call “good” and focusing my energy, during this exercise, upon gratitude and joy immediately changed how I felt about my body and what I saw in the mirror.

How Soon Can You See “Thin” if You Start Changing Your Beliefs Today?

I’m not suggesting that going on a two-mile jog, while giving yourself positive affirmations will give you the same results.  If you haven’t changed your beliefs about your weight, your eating, your movement, and your body, such action will most likely not have that effect.


Why “yet”?  I am guaranteeing that if you change your beliefs about your weight, your eating, your movement, and your body, to ones that serve you like I have done, you will be able to have results like this.  Well, actually, I’m only passing along the guarantee; the guarantee comes from the reliable and precise science of quantum physics and, thus, from how our universe actually operates.

Today, day number five, I’ve still felt and seen some residual “fat” (that was a lot of eating food I choose to call “bad”, after all).  I am about to go on another light, two-mile jog and I know I will feel almost completely “thin” afterwards and will see even more “thin” in the mirror.

Within 24 hours I will know I’m “thin” again!  And, thus, I will be.

If you do not have this ability yet (with your weight and your body) make sure you are changing your beliefs in these areas to ones that serve you in this way.  My book is a phenomenal resource for teaching you exactly how to do this.

And stay tuned to this blog for more tips and techniques for how to use quantum physics to finally lose your unwanted weight…