How to Become the Best Boss Your Body Ever Had and Lose More Weight in the Process

boss-yelling  Do you treat your body parts like employees?  Do you expect them to perform their “functions” and berate them when they don’t?  Treating them like employees who are expected to do their “jobs” and getting angry at them (or about them) when they don’t?

I Used to Be an Angry Boss Too!

Weird question?  But stop for a moment and think about the messages you send to the different parts of your body.

For example: How often do you find yourself chastising your stomach when you look in the mirror?  Do you ever find yourself nagging your leg muscles when you go for a walk or jog because they start hurting?  Ever berate your brain for your lack of will power after you surrender to a late-night snacking urge?

Honestly reflecting on these messages is important.  Because the “you” who communicates with your body parts is, of course, the non-physical you.  And sending messages to your different body parts (your brain, your muscles, your digestive system, your stomach, your abdominal area, etc.) that are anything but nurturing, uplifting, loving, and grateful is a huge mistake!

And an enormous missed opportunity too!

Why Your “Employees” Aren’t Listening to You When You Yell At Them

Why?  Because quantum physics has taught us that holism replaces the machine paradigm.  We now know that your body’s different components are not part of a larger machine (the larger “you”).  This includes your physical brain, by the way; your brain is not “who you are”, it is merely a physical tool of the non-physical “you”.  Just like your heart, lungs, muscles, etc.

We now know that your body’s different parts are, literally, a collection of free-agents who are voluntarily cooperating to make “you” function.  In fact, science cannot yet explain why they are volunteering like this.  As bizarre as this sounds, it is actually true.

There is ample research which shows us, definitively, that all of your body’s parts and systems are operating independently and many of them may even have their own consciousness – separate from the larger consciousness of “you” (your non-physical energy).

Put Yourself in Your Body Parts’ Place and Employ the Golden Rule

So recall a time when you volunteered to help someone or some organization.  How would you have felt if the volunteer coordinator, the person in charge of your efforts, never thanked or praised you for your efforts?  Worse still, what if that person actively berated or belittled you for your efforts – chastising you and repeatedly telling you that you weren’t doing well enough!

Would you ever return to help that person or that organization?  Of course not!  You’d find something else to do with your valuable time.  Something else where your efforts and good intentions were actually appreciated.

Just imagine, then, how your body’s different parts must feel when you treat them like that.

But let’s say, hypothetically, that you were volunteering for someone and weren’t doing a good job or what was expected of you.  What would be the best way for the person in charge to handle this?  Yell at you?  Treat you with disrespect?  Chastise you as if your poor performance was being done on purpose?

Of course not!

How to Broker a New Contract With Your Body and Get Everyone Cooperating in Concert

The best way for the person in charge to address your less than expected performance would be addressing your, first and foremost, with respect.  You are volunteering yourself after all!  Then that person should approach you in a kind manner and gently educate you regarding what she wants you to do – treating you like someone who is good and wants to be more effective.

So take my recommendation.  Start treating your body’s systems like you’d want to be treated in a volunteering situation.  What do you have to lose?  Your body’s parts are volunteering to help the larger “you”, after all (and this is true whether you know it or not – and even whether you believe it or not).  And, additionally, you’re communicating with your body’s parts every day anyway?  Why wouldn’t you try doing it in a loving, nurturing, encouraging and grateful way?

And stay tuned to this blog for more tips and techniques to use quantum physics to finally lose your unwanted weight…

Why Your Scale Can Be a Worse Enemy to Your Body Than a Super-Sized Trip to McDonald’s

Big Mac Extra Value Meal  Throw away your scale?  Why would anyone who wants to lose unwanted weight do such a thing?  Sounds crazy, right?

Maybe not.

My Enemy – My Scale

When I began my journey to lose my unwanted weight, using quantum physics, in 1996 my scale was my enemy.  Perhaps you can relate.  I hated my scale – because every time I got on it, it told me something that didn’t feel good!

In fact, my whole “fat” life, my scale almost always told me what I didn’t want to see.  Even when I was dieting.  Even when I was working out.  Oh sure, there were times where I lost some weight and I was happy.  But, always, given enough time, that scale would once again show me numbers that confirmed that I weighed more than I wanted!

I know what you’re thinking: “Greg, that scale didn’t make you overweight.  That’s not even logical.  The scale was only reflecting the reality that you were overweight; the scale was only the tool that told you how things really were.”

Why Your Scale May Not Be the Friend and Ally You Think It Is

And I’ll counter with these answers.

First of all, we now know know that our universe is not logical in how it functions.  So, when it comes to losing unwanted weight, quantum physics says you can all but throw logic out the window.  After all, what has counting on logic gotten you thus far (except more unwanted weight)!

Second, we now know that there is no such thing as objective reality.  Reality is subjective; quantum physics teaches us that each observer sees her own universe.  Reality does not await our discovery in a pre-determined state.  We create our reality by putting our observations (and, more importantly, our expectations) on the quantum field of sub-atomic particles.

Third, we now know that our outer world, what we see, is nothing more than a reflection of our inner world, how we feel.  Quantum physics teaches us that how we feel always trumps what we do; even the “best” weight-loss actions will not counter how we feel about those actions (and ourselves).

Everything you just read, by the way, is pure, scientific fact.  Not pie-in-the-sky, gee-wouldn’t-it-be-nice-if-it-were-true philosophy.

So, given those scientific facts, think about what a scale might really represent for you.  If you feel overweight, if you believe you’re overweight, if you know you’re overweight, if “overweight” is your state of being, I can guarantee you that all a scale will ever do is confirm those things for you.

Your Scale, Literally, Reflects What You Expect It to Reflect

And, of course, once a scale confirms those things for you, your habitual thoughts and beliefs of “I am overweight” are only solidified.  Which has the unfortunate side effect of making those habitual patterns of thought and belief all the more real for you.  They become an even greater part of your individual universe – your individual reality.

What’s the antidote?  Throw your scale away if you have similar feelings about it to what I did.  Banish your scale as part of your weight-loss routine.  Instead, rely on how you feel and change the stories you’re telling yourself about your eating, your exercise, and your body.  By telling the best possible, believable stories you can.

Set yourself free.  Give yourself a chance to believe and see a new reality.  Feel and see the difference it makes for your weight loss.

And stay tuned to this blog for more tips and techniques to use quantum physics to lose your unwanted weight…

Why Eating Donuts and Pizza Aren’t the Real Reason You Have Unwanted Weight

child-obesity-donut-md  Last week I conducted a quantum experiment on myself where I re-tested the quantum effects of how I feel about my body, my eating, and my exercise.  Call it a mind/body experiment.  The results were posted here.

I Tried to Love All the Donuts and Pizza With Every Bite I Took

When I started this experiment, I told myself, as I ate each donut, “I love this donut!  I relish this donut!” (Not “I shouldn’t be eating this”).  I did the same thing with the pizza.  This is one of the techniques I teach in my book, Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat.  And I did feel good about the donuts and pizza.

For about a day and a third.

By the second day, I no longer really believed those stories; I didn’t believe that many donuts and that much pizza were actually “good” for me (who would?).  I kept eating them, of course, only because that was part of my quantum experiment.

Why I Couldn’t Actually “Love” Them for Very Long

But I tell you about this because what I teach you is that telling the right stories about food is an integral part of Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat.  I want to emphasize that simply telling good, better-feeling stories about food isn’t enough if I don’t actually believe those stories!  Just like with any positive story (or affirmation) I tell myself, I have to really believe it for it to work.

And I did the same thing with my lack of exercise during my experiment.  I told myself, “It’s okay to not be exercising.  I can keep my body primed just by feeling good about it.”  But, as with my donut and pizza fest, after a day and a half, I just didn’t believe that story any more (because, again, would would?).

So, consequently, because I didn’t actually believe those good, better-feeling stories I was telling myself about my eating and lack of exercise, I began to “feel” fat.  Just as I described in my original post about the experiment.

My Return to “Thin” Was Not About a Spartan Diet or a Ramped-Up Exercise Schedule

Now, many days later, I am completely back to feeling thin.  So, as quantum physics dictates, I also see “thin” in the mirror and on the scale (although I don’t actually use scales…more about that in a later post).  Because I believe I am “thin” again, I am thin again.  That’s how the universe works.

Why does it sound so simple?  Because, basically, it is so simple.  If you really learn to focus on the right things, your beliefs and the stories you tell yourself, in the right ways.

During the last five days, after all, I did not go on some spartan diet to gain my “thin” back.  I still ate ice cream each night.  I still ate cheese and bacon three-egg omelets for breakfast.  I still ate cashews as a mid-day snack.  All my regular eating (no “dieting”)

And I didn’t do extra exercise during the last five days either.  My running routine would not qualify as “workout warrior” material!  I jog at a reasonable pace (one that a serious runner would probably scoff at) for around two miles a day, four to five days a week. I concentrate on picking up my knees on each step (rather than shuffling my feet), I stay in the present moment (instead of thinking about “being finished”), and I focus on how good it feels to work my lower body and raise my heart rate.  All my regular exercise (no “killing” myself).

How I Became “Thin” Again in My Mind (Where It Always Has to Happen First)

So the return to “thin” was all quantum.  Just as the feeling “fat” had been.  Because how “fat” could I have become, really, after only four-plus days of my bad diet and non-exercise?  Even though the diet was really bad, I only ate it for four-plus days.  And I only abstained from exercise for five days.  I wasn’t “actually” fat, I just felt that way and, thus, felt “fat” and saw “fat” in the mirror.

I hope you can sense the power quantum physics has for reforming your body.  It’s true that, just as I did back in 1996, you probably do have quite a bit of weight to lose.  You have undoubtedly been feeling and seeing “fat” for years, so you won’t be feeling and seeing “thin” in a couple days.  But, also like me, the process of finally losing your unwanted weight using quantum physics will work exactly like what I’ve described in this experiment.

Stay tuned to this blog for more tips and techniques about using quantum physics to finally lose your unwanted weight…