How To Drive Among Angry People

angry driver    I was taking my son home from some minor surgery just last week. Driving down the road, I noticed a car honking furiously at me as I passed. At the next stop light, I opened my window to talk with the other driver, thinking my trunk must be open or I had a flat tire.

Much to my surprise, the other driver began to angrily berate me about speeding in a school zone. I had been oblivious and was embarrassed – my first reaction was to apologize to the other driver, admit my lack of awareness, and thank him for calling my attention to it.

But I never got the opportunity. Continue reading

How to Manifest Money by Getting the Universe to Pinch Your Bottom

Pennies  Want an awesome abundance game to play?  One that works, meaning it both puts you into an abundance mindset and it helps form coherence with financial abundance between you and the quantum field?

Find pennies.  Intentionally manifest them.

  • On the ground
  • In your pockets
  • In your car
  • On the sidewalk
  • Everywhere

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This Doesn’t Mean Norman Rockwell Wasn’t Insane Anyway

InsaneChristmas  Some think the biggest myth of the holidays is that there is more than one fruitcake.  (Click this Link to Tweet it) The myth is that the same fruitcake hasn’t been passed around, from one person to the next, for the last fifty years.

But that’s not the biggest myth.

The biggest myth of the holidays is that the parties, family gatherings, gifts, decorations, music, and lights create the holiday spirit you love so much. Continue reading