Why Fear is a Cool Friend You Wouldn’t Want to Be Without

fear  Fear is pretty cool.  Not only is it a handy tool, it’s supposed to be there.

Fear is your friend.  (Except, of course, when its not)  But there’s no doubt we’re supposed to have fear.


Because we must have fear in order to be human.  The root of all fear is a byproduct of something all humans must have. (Click that link to Tweet it)

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Why You Should Seek Disillusionment Today

OneCat_TwoPositions  Do you enjoy your illusions?  Would you rather know the truth?

“Are you kidding me?”, you ask, “What do you take me for?”

But we love our illusions, thought, don’t we?  Don’t we cling to them?  When we finally let them go, in fact, they usually have claw marks all over them.

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How to Be Grateful for a Freezing, Pre-Dawn Wake-Up on a Day You Expected to Enjoy Sleeping In

snowday  Tuesday evening, last week, 1″ to 3″of snow was predicted for Louisville, KY.  3″ of snow can usually prompt the Louisville schools to close for the day (I know…all you Yankees can hardly believe that, right?)  School being closed would allow all six members of my household to sleep in.

Snow Day!  Is There Any More Definitive Proof that God Loves Children?

Guess whether or not my sons wanted school to be closed the next day?  Even though it would mean another day of school slapped on the end of the year in June?  Didn’t matter; they wanted to sleep.

And guess how much snow fell?  Barely a light dusting.

My sons were angry when I woke them up for school Wednesday morning.  I admit I was a little angry too, when I peered out my window after my alarm clock woke me.  Hey…I enjoy sleeping in too!

Whoops…Turns Out God Might Not Love Them As Much As They Hoped

So I heard the famous “Victim Chorus”:

  • “This isn’t fair”
  • “Why couldn’t it have snowed?
  • “We never get snow days”
  • “The weatherman should be fired”
  • “I want to go back to sleep”

And you should’ve heard what my sons were saying!  😉

How did, you may be wondering, telling the best-feeling, believable story factor into this deluge of whining?  I’m glad you asked.

Here’s a New Story About Going To School Instead of Sleeping In

Here is exactly what I told myself (and my sons):

“Although I would’ve preferred to sleep in today, I can believe that, in the long run, I might actually be glad we had school.  Especially, perhaps, when I’m playing outside on that sunny, June day which would’ve been a school day had school been closed today.”

Not only did that story validate and acknowledge how I/we really felt.  It also framed our circumstances in a much more positive, yet still believable, light.  Before too long we were saying, “I’m actually glad we’re having school; who wants to trade a day off on a warm, beautiful, sunny June day for a cold, wet, gray March one?”

Well…at least one of us was saying that!

Stay tuned to this blog for more tips and techniques for using new paradigms from quantum physics to align your reality with your dreams…