How To Drive Among Angry People

angry driver    I was taking my son home from some minor surgery just last week. Driving down the road, I noticed a car honking furiously at me as I passed. At the next stop light, I opened my window to talk with the other driver, thinking my trunk must be open or I had a flat tire.

Much to my surprise, the other driver began to angrily berate me about speeding in a school zone. I had been oblivious and was embarrassed – my first reaction was to apologize to the other driver, admit my lack of awareness, and thank him for calling my attention to it.

But I never got the opportunity. Continue reading

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You How to Direct Your Movie!

Soundtrack  We are all storytellers.  We all have a constant, ongoing internal dialogue about everything we see and experience.  24-7

There is nothing in life which is, in and of itself, inherently “good” or “bad”.  Everything is “good” or “bad” – yet that designation (whether it’s good or bad) comes from you.

When you saw this post, for example, you had a reaction of “Awesome!”  Or “Oh no!”  Most likely your reaction was somewhere in between (although I hope it was closer to the “Awesome” 😉 ).

That reaction was the “story” you told yourself about finding this post and it became your reality.  But can you see that the story you told yourself is not the “objective reality” of my post, but the “subjective reality”?

After all, if you read the reviews of my books on Amazon, you’ll find that the vast majority of reviews love my writing – yet there is a small minority who don’t like it all.  Are my fans “correct” and the detractors “wrong”?  Of course!

Okay…I’m kidding, I’m kidding.  You know that the real answer is that no one’s story is “correct” or “wrong”; each story (the value being assigned by each person) is personal and subjective. Continue reading