Why Being Hungry Can Make You a Poor Conscious Creator

hungry  You’ve decided that you’re no longer okay with not having some of your greatest desires.

You’ve decided that you’re not going to “play small” anymore; you’re no longer pretending you don’t desire those things nor that you’re comfortable with their absence. (Clink that link to Tweet it)

That is why, after reading my books and nosing through my website, you’ve decided to change your beliefs so they can be aligned with your desires.  You understand and believe that aligning your beliefs with your desires will command the quantum field to manifest a material reality much more in-line with your dreams.  And you are not only absolutely correct to make this decision, but you’re also perfectly equipped with all the tools you need to make that happen.

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Why Cold Water’s Temperature Can Be A Very Effective Illusion

bathroom-sink  Experiment time.  Try this: go to your bathroom sink, turn on the hot water tap, and immediately place your hand in the water that comes out of the faucet.

It’s cold, correct?

Did you grind your teeth, clench your stomach in a knot, and beat yourself up because the water was cold and not hot?  As in, “Dammit, I turned on the hot water tap and all I got was cold water; once again, I didn’t get what I wanted!” Continue reading

How to Use a Paintbrush to Realize Your Greatest Desires

Ted Nuttall  When we allow our desires to manifest (by aligning our beliefs with them) we always receive an additional gift: greater desires.

Achieving or attaining a milestone only opens us up to still greater desire. And, of course, the good news is that all we need do is continue to raise our vibrations to align with the new, greater, grander desires! The universe isn’t a tease – we always have the “tools” in hand to continue to grow and align with anything we desire! Continue reading