How to Make Certain You’re Not a Sucker

Learn  Have you ever heard that if you don’t know who the sucker at the poker table is, it’s you?

Well I never know who the sucker at the poker table is, so you can imagine how little I enjoy playing poker.

But I’ve got a friend, Jason, who loves poker.  In fact, even though he’s no professional, he recently went to Las Vegas and sat down at some pro-level poker tables. Continue reading

Was That Zombie Wearing Mickey Mouse Ears?

zombie-reporter  I used to be terrified of zombies. Sometimes, after watching a zombie film (even as an adult), I would have trouble getting to sleep.

But after I spent a week around an entire city of the walking dead I actually learned to pity them. Fortunately, I’ve learned, the living dead don’t have to stay that way. I should know…I used to be one of them myself.

By the way, I was shocked to encounter 20,000-plus zombies and you’ll be shocked too, when I reveal where I saw them… (Click that Link to Tweet it) Continue reading

What To Do When You Backslide Into Old (Bad) Feelings

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  You’re changing your beliefs, slowly but surely, by consistently telling yourself the best-feeling, believable stories you can muster.  In fact, you find yourself at the emotional perspective of “joy” regularly these days.  Your manifestations are pleasing – they reflect the greater alignment between your beliefs and your desires.

And, them, BAM!  You backslide.  All of a sudden, you’re feeling low.  Depressed even.  Like you used to feel so often. Continue reading