Why Everyone Is Tired of Your Big ‘Ol “But”

And  Want to play with story-telling magic?  Don’t say the word “but” all day.  Instead, use the word “and”.

The stories you tell come true.  The both form and shape, as well as reveal, your beliefs.  Thus, the stories you tell yourself (the meaning and value you assign to everything) are of seminal importance and value. Continue reading

How Mickey Mouse Defeated a Bloodthirsty Great White Shark

Shark  Telling stories is your soundtrack.  The stories you tell about all your life experiences (the meaning and value you give to everything) act just like the music in a movie – telling you whether what’s happening in the scene is good, bad, sad, scary, happy, etc.  And your soundtracks, or stories, are always open to change if you decide you aren’t enjoying your current “movie”. (Click that Link to Tweet It)

Here’s an example of how I changed my soundtrack on purpose to manifest some awesome snorkeling.

Snorkeling on a beach in Saint Marten, I got freaked out.  Here’s why: I’m scared of sharks.  When I get to a beach, it takes me a day or two to swim without feeling uneasy.  Unless there are people further out from the shore than me (because, I figure, the shark will swim near them first). Continue reading

How to Be An Angel Today

Macy's   You never really run out of opportunities to have influence. And you never know just who you might be having an effect on.

So tell the best-feeling, believable stories about all your potentially mundane daily tasks and routines.  After all, why waste a golden opportunity to build and further align your beliefs with your desires?  And why pass up the opportunity to have more fun and increase your joy?

What makes me want to discuss this today?

A trip to Macy’s Department Store in Philadelphia.  Where I recently took my Dad on a trip to the past. Continue reading