What Secrets Might Libertyville Be Able to Reveal to You?

Libertyville Crew  What part of your job excites you the most?  Me – public speaking.  I absolutely love speaking in front of a crowd.

And the best speaking, the most fun I have as a writer, is done in front of members of my tribe.  Tribe?  People who want to become even more powerful influencers of their material reality than they already are; people who are open to exploring exactly how to do that in new and amazingly fulfilling ways. Continue reading

Are You, Too, Using the Wrong Litmus Test Everyday?

litmus_test  Most people use the wrong litmus test for the stories they tell as they imbue every person, place, thing, and experience with meaning and value.

Do you use this litmus test?  If you’re like most people, you invariably do because it reflects how most of us were taught our beliefs.

But you should stop using the wrong one and start telling stories according to a new litmus test that will serve you much better. Continue reading

How to Misuse Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking  Every now and again I like to dispel some myths about positive thinking. One of the worst is the myth that positive thinking is how to use the law of attraction. Before I created my process to align our beliefs with our desires, I had to learn the hard way that positive thinking is not a cure-all.

Positive thinking does not take the place of telling stories that guide your beliefs into coherence with your desires.  And the latter is how to truly use the law of attraction. Continue reading