How Often Has Meeting “Some Guy” Actually Proven to be Awesome?

Brian and Greg  In March I got an email from Brian Gregory who identified himself as a spiritual seeker. Actually, his email identified himself as “Sumgai” which made me a little suspicious.  More about that later.

Brian told me he’d come across a YouTube video of me reading my book, Why Quantum Physicists Create More Abundance.

This email made me go “Hmmmm?”  because Brian asked me to “teach him what I know.” I laughed and thought, “I am an author with five books (with two more imminent for publication) and a voluminous website of information. And you ask me to ‘teach you what I know’?”  Plus his moniker is Sumgai?  Sounds a little fishy. Continue reading

What Secrets Might Libertyville Be Able to Reveal to You?

Libertyville Crew  What part of your job excites you the most?  Me – public speaking.  I absolutely love speaking in front of a crowd.

And the best speaking, the most fun I have as a writer, is done in front of members of my tribe.  Tribe?  People who want to become even more powerful influencers of their material reality than they already are; people who are open to exploring exactly how to do that in new and amazingly fulfilling ways. Continue reading