Is the Quantum Field God?

Bill Ayre wants to discuss an astounding concept. Is the Quantum Field God?  Or, put another way, is God the Quantum Field?  


If so, physicists are discovering God. Bit by bit, getting closer. Is that happening?


What Is the Quantum Field Like?


The Quantum Field, a physicist will tell you, is:


  • Omniscient
  • Omnipresent
  • Omnipotent
  • All possibilities
  • The source of everything
  • Eternal


A physicist might use scientific terminology, but those are the characteristics she’d be describing.  Does that sound like God?  I think so.


It’s an Interesting Question from Either Direction


If you agree, what does that mean?  

Did early humans, lacking science, give the name “God” to the Quantum Field?  

Have modern humans, with science, given the name “Quantum Field” to God?




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William Tiller Shows Us How (and Why) to Carefully Imbue Everything We Do with Our Intention

william-tiller  Science has shown, definitively, what many of us have intuitively known for a long time.  A group of physicists have proven that human intention can be put into a man-made device, transported great distances, and not only retain the intention it was imbued with, but repeatedly influence the recipient of that intention with the exact intended effects.

Pretty heady stuff.  And you can read about it yourself in Tiller’s book Conscious Acts of Creation. Continue reading