William Tiller Shows Us How (and Why) to Carefully Imbue Everything We Do with Our Intention

william-tiller  Science has shown, definitively, what many of us have intuitively known for a long time.  A group of physicists have proven that human intention can be put into a man-made device, transported great distances, and not only retain the intention it was imbued with, but repeatedly influence the recipient of that intention with the exact intended effects.

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How to Solve The Number One Reason You’re Often Disappointed By Your Material Reality

Mirror_baby  Is your material reality a perfect mirror of what’s inside you?  Are your physical manifestations, your life experiences, a reflection of your insides?


I know there is good reason to doubt that statement.  Yet, allow me to elaborate.

  1. The quantum field of unformed particles (which are not particles at all, but mere potential until they are observed) has the potential to become, literally, anything.
  2. The quantum field of unformed particles responds to your expectations and forms what you expect.
  3. Your beliefs are the wellspring for all your expectations.
  4. Thus, all of your life experiences are mirror images of your beliefs.  Thus, they are mirror images of what’s  inside you.

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