Don’t Stop With Simply Seeing What You Believe

Wayne-Dyer  I believe it was Dr. Wayne Dyer who first said, “I’ll see it when I believe it.”  Or, at least, that’s who I first heard reverse that timeworn homily which exemplifies the foundation of old, inaccurate Neanderthal paradigms: “I’ll believe it when I see it”.

Not only has “I’ll see it when I believe it” permeated much of our culture and made inroads toward becoming our conventional wisdom, but science has no validated it for us.  Quantum physics elevates “I’ll see it when I believe it” above the realm of feel-good, wouldn’t-it-be-nice-if-it-were-true philosophy. Continue reading

Learn How to Truly Live the Most Fulfilling Life Humanly Possible

GrowGreaterYou_3D  How would you like an owner’s manual for life as a human being?  Just like the one for your automobile you have stashed in your car’s glove box?

A manual instructing you specifically, step-by-step, how to live as happily and successfully as you want, however you wish to define those things.

A manual that teaches you exactly how to achieve and manifest any desire. Continue reading