This Doesn’t Mean Norman Rockwell Wasn’t Insane Anyway

InsaneChristmas  Some think the biggest myth of the holidays is that there is more than one fruitcake.  (Click this Link to Tweet it) The myth is that the same fruitcake hasn’t been passed around, from one person to the next, for the last fifty years.

But that’s not the biggest myth.

The biggest myth of the holidays is that the parties, family gatherings, gifts, decorations, music, and lights create the holiday spirit you love so much. Continue reading

Why the Worst Thing is Never The Best Thing

Best that Could Happen  “What’s the worst that could happen?”

We’ve all said that when making a decision, haven’t we?  And no one ever thinks you’re odd for saying it.

But what if, instead, you said, “What’s the best that could happen?”?  People might think you’re odd.  But who made the rule that the most commonly used phrase for helping us make decisions has to be negative? Continue reading

How to Be Grateful When Someone Poops on You

cow-manure  Here’s a great story to remind you that, almost every time, whether something is “good” or “bad” is merely your perspective.

One October a Robin decided to stay up north for the winter.  His friends all told him he was making a mistake and begged him to come south with them.  But he was resolute in his decision.

After all his friends left, the Robin lived it up; he had no competition for all the food and he loved it.

Continue reading