How You Can Be As Joyful As Dr. Amit Goswami Today

amit goswami  Theoretical quantum physicist, Dr. Amit Goswami, is one of my favorite authors.  He says that you can easily tell whether you are fully present in the pre-cognitive moment.  You will feel joy.

Where and When a Conscious Creator is Most Powerful

The pre-cognitive moment, you’ll remember, is the measurable fraction of a second between the time you place your awareness on the Continue reading

How to Control the Weather

Sunny Day  You are an immensely powerful creator.  But can you control the weather?

Sort of.  And, also, “yes”.

Are You a Weather Wizard?

Sort of?  I don’t believe you can reliably and repeatedly make it rain or make the sun shine on command.  Yes, you do create your material world through your observations (and, more importantly, your expectations),.  But I don’t believe you have such an immediate authority over the weather outside.

Yes?  I do believe that you can, however, assign any meaning you choose to the weather you encounter today.  How does that count as a “Yes, you can control the weather”?  Keep reading.

What Will the Sunshine Really Do For You?  An Important Question for Deliberate Creators

Think for a moment about why you would want the sun to shine on a cloudy day.  Because of what it would allow you do, right?  Enjoy the outdoors, play outside, brighten your mood, garden, golf, etc.

But dig deeper about why you would want the sun to shine on a cloudy day.  Isn’t the deepest reason because of how it would make you feel?  And how the activities the sunshine would allow would make you feel?  Happy, uplifted, joyous, free, open, spontaneous, etc.?

Me. too.

So…what if you decided to feel those feelings the sunshine would give you – right now?  Regardless of the clouds, the gloom, the rain, or the grey overcast?

How You’re Actually More Powerful Than the Weather You See Outside Your Window

Wouldn’t feeling those “sunshine feelings”, regardless of the clouds, make you more powerful than the actual weather?  Wouldn’t that remove the power the current weather holds over your state of being?  Wouldn’t that decision, in actual practice, make you the master of the weather – wresting back control over your state of being?

So, in this way, isn’t it true to say that you are, in fact, capable of creating your own, personal “weather”?  So, yes, you can control the weather!

And, with practice, I’ll bet you a copy of my new book that you’ll find that adopting the practice of creating your own, personal sunshine (in this manner) also prompts the “actual” sun to shine through the clouds.  Just for you!  The universe listens and responds to your feelings and the beliefs which drive them. (Click that link to Tweet it)

And stay tuned to this blog for my techniques for using new paradigms from quantum physics…

Want to Elevate Your Mood With Music? Try This…

grandaddy  Is your “light” on?  Are you awakened from a life of feeling like a victim to one where you are consciously influencing and creating your reality?  As is your birthright?

I write about new paradigms you can use to create your reality.  My first book is about creating your ideal body; my next one (due out later this year) will be applicable to almost any dream or goal you hold.

If you’re like me, and consciously influence and create your reality, you may find it helpful, as I do, to use tools to elevate your mind and inspire you. (Click that link to Tweet it) Music can be a powerful source of such motivation.  And here is one of my favorite songs to enhance your deliberate creation:

“Now It’s On” by Grandaddy

Bear in mind, I’m a rock music fan – particularly guitar-driven, indie rock and power pop.  Grandaddy, I’ve found, is a real mixed musical bag and “Now It’s On” is unique in their catalogue – it’s an uptempo power pop number that I believe you’ll love.

“Now It’s On” is first and foremost an upbeat song with peppy, driving rock structure.  Even without its lyrics, “Now It’s On” is a great “workout song” or mood and energy elevator.

But the lyrics of “Now It’s On” are what truly separates it from other songs I use to inspire my conscious creation.  It’s doesn’t take much insight to be inspired by these words, especially when sung as earnestly as they are here:

“I wouldn’t trade my place
I got no reason to be
Weathered and withering
Like in the season of the old me

Bust the lock off the front door
Once you’re outside you won’t want to hide anymore
Light the light on the front porch
Once it’s on you’ll never want to turn it off anymore

And now it’s on, now it’s on”

I catch myself soaring mentally, right along with Grandaddy, when I listen to “Now It’s On”.  See if you do the same.  And let me know which songs inspire you.