When You Stop Saying I Am Fat You Start Solving a Huge Problem

frustration  Let’s take a moment from our discussion of the new paradigms from quantum physics  which you need to finally lose your unwanted weight.  Today let’s discuss a practical application of the new holism paradigm in weight loss.

What follows is a “street-level” way to engage the power of the holism paradigm with your weight loss.

I Don’t Care How Much You Weight; “You” Aren’t Fat!

So often, I hear people with unwanted weight say, “I am fat”.  And I almost always cringe.

I have found, through researching quantum physics, that the words we use are very important.  Why?  Because they not only reveal but also reinforce our beliefs.

And here is the problem presented by saying, “I am fat” (which seems like a fairly “innocent” phrase and, certainly, is one everyone seems to use without discretion).  Saying, “I am fat” defines me as a person.  It defines my state of being.

And if you can tell me that the word “fat” doesn’t have negative, if not awful, connotations for you…well, I’m going to tell you that I don’t believe you.

So if I say, “I am fat”, I am defining who I am and my state of being using a very negative word with really bad associations.  Yuck!  How can I feel good about myself under that definition of “who I am”?!

Look How Important the Words We Use Are!  They Make a World of Difference, Don’t They?

But what if, instead, I say, “I have unwanted weight”?  That phrase does not define who I am or my state of being.  That phrase merely describes a current physical condition – which then starts building and reinforcing a belief in the possibility that my unwanted weight is not permanent!

Try it right now.  Say these two phrases aloud and really pay attention to your gut, noticing how each makes you feel

  • First, say, “I am fat”.
  • Let a little time lapse.
  • Next, say, “I have unwanted weight”.

I dare you to tell me you didn’t notice a difference.  And, in addition to the second phrase feeling better, were you lying to yourself or “sugar-coating” your present weight-loss challenges?  Nope…not one iota!

My recommendation is to never refer to yourself as “fat” again!  You’ll notice a big difference in your weight-loss efforts!

Why You Should Stop Using Internet Explorer if You Want to Lose Weight

kim-kardashian-quantum-physics  You’ve been patient (and, I trust, interested) in reading about paradigms (and science) and how you can use them to lose weight.

Let me address the topic of “how” you can use new paradigms to lose weight.

Here Are the Keys to a Bright, New, Shiny, 500 Horsepower Paradigm!

First, as I’ve stated in this blog, a new paradigm like holism will allow you to lose weight.  Much more effectively than the paradigm holism replaces: the machine paradigm.

It might help you to think of your paradigms as the web browsing software you use.  Every day you visit a vast array of websites, for personal, business, and entertainment purposes, and they are all distinct and unique.  But your web browser (whether Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or any other you might use) is always the constant framework for all the websites you visit, providing the structure for their use and display.

You might not even realize this, but a website often looks and functions completely differently in different web browsers.  The web browser you use presents the web sites to you in a certain format and provides you with unique web surfing options (which are different from other web browsers) while browsing the Internet.

Who Has the Time or Inclination to Think About Stuff Like Paradigms?  I’ve Got Laundry to Do!

You probably don’t ever think about which web browser you use because you are accustomed to it and it is familiar to you.  You wouldn’t really ever have any reason to think about which web browser you use either because the one you use works just fine for you – you get to the web sites you want to visit and you’re able to do everything you want to on the Internet.  Why would you think about it?

But what if your web browser didn’t work for you anymore?  What if you weren’t able to visit the web sites you wanted to go to, what if you couldn’t purchase the items on the Internet you wanted, or what if you could no longer do the things you wanted to on the Internet, like being unable to connect with friends via email or social networking sites?

Your first thought might be to tinker and experiment with the particular websites you’ve been using.  But what if, no matter how many different websites you tried, you still couldn’t do the things you wanted to on the Internet?  You might consult a tech-savvy friend and that friend might tell you something like, “The web browser you’re using is too limited; you should install Google Chrome (for example) and start using it to surf the web.”

Your learned friend, it turns out, would probably be correct.  If you followed her advice, you would have to go through a slightly awkward adjustment period where you became accustomed to the new ways that Google Chrome worked and got familiar with the new format.  But, once you were familiar with the new web browser, you would realize that the slight inconvenience of learning the new ways of operating it was worth it because you could now do all the things you want to on the Internet.

So Paradigms Can Help Me Get On-Line?  I Can Drop My Internet Service Provider?

That is exactly how paradigms work.  If you replace “web browser” with “paradigm” in the previous example, and replace “do the things you want to on the Internet” with “lose weight”, you will have a good illustration of how a new paradigm will work for you.  In the previous example, the “websites you’re visiting” can be replaced with “your weight loss plans and programs.”  Just like using a new web browser would suddenly allow you to do exactly what you want to on the Internet, with new paradigms you’ll find that your weight loss efforts suddenly become super effective.

If you’re like me, you’ll even find that with new paradigms, your weight loss efforts become more effective than you were originally promised!

Because, if you’re reading this blog, your “web browser” (of course, I am referring to your “paradigms”) is not allowing you to “use the Internet” (and, of course, I really mean “lose your unwanted weight”) the way you want.  It’s time to consult your “tech savvy friend” (in this case, I am really referring to my book,  Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat, and this blog) and get a new “web browser” (once again, I really mean “paradigms”) so that you can “do what you want on the Internet” (again, “lose your unwanted weight”).

Your old paradigms have failed you in your continued quest to lose your unwanted weight (and you’ll soon learn why…hint – don’t blame yourself because it’s not your fault) and it’s time for new ones (which you are about to learn and are infinitely more effective)!

Why Your Body’s Cells are Not Always the Allies You Think They Are

cells  I introduced a new paradigm to you in the last blog post: holism.

Are you skeptical about holism?  Wonder if its a valid paradigm to hold?  I don’t blame you; you’ve known the machine paradigm as the “truth” your whole life  and everyone else (it seems) subscribes to it too.  Well, read on.

Dr. Pert Plus Cells = An Amazing Discovery (See What I Did There?  “Pert Plus”?)

In the early 1990s, Dr. Candice Pert, while serving as the chief molecular biologist for the National Institutes of Health, she made an amazing discovery.  (Reference link: Molecules of Emotion) Dr. Pert found that every time you experience an emotion your hypothalamus (a control center deep in your brain) produces a corresponding amino acid, called a neuropeptide.  And when you experience a particular emotion, your hypothalamus floods your bloodstream with billions of the nueropeptides associated with that emotion.

Each emotion-born neuropeptide in ingested by your cells, who “consume” the protein-based amino acids.  The neuropeptide fits into special receptacles on the outer membranes of your cells – like a key fitting into a lock.  And, over time, Dr. Pert found, that your cells build more and more of the special receptacles for the neuropeptides to which they are most often exposed.

My Cells Are Addicted?  I Thought They Were Looking a Little Sketchy

In addition, Dr. Pert discovered that your cells developed a physical “addiction” to the neuropeptides to which they are most often exposed.  Your cells, it turns out, shun other functions in order to ingest these neuralpeptides – virtually turning themselves into vessels used primarily for this ingestion.

There are many ramifications which arise from Dr. Pert’s discoveries and I’ll discuss more of them at later dates.  Of primary importance now, though, is for your to realize that your cells are not “little parts” or you who function solely to serve your greater good; your cells are not little soldiers which only serve their king (you).

Your cells are independent entities who act upon their own physical desires, whether that serves what the larger “you” wants or not.

So My Cells Aren’t On My Side?  Who the Heck Are They Allied With?  Don’t Worry…They’re Still Interested in You and Can Be Trained to Start Helping You Again

You see, the process that Dr. Pert uncovered goes on every moment of every day.  And not only beneath your conscious awareness, but also beyond your control (well, not completely beyond your control; I’ll teach you later how to take back some control over this process).  Your body is not a machine, full of “parts” all working in cooperation for your greater functioning.

Your body is a holistic collection of “free agent” systems.  These systems, it turns out, are often greater than the sum of their parts (“you”) and act independently.  And science has no explanation, literally, for why all these systems choose to work together to create “you” on a daily basis!

Just Start Using the Holism Paradigm and You’ll Recruit Your Cells Right Back Into the Fold

A further illustration of this: preliminary research into your immune system’s production and use of neuropeptides suggests that it may have its own, independent consciousness (separate from “you”).  How’s that how an example of your body being a holistic entity rather than a machine?

The machine paradigm is far too limited to serve your efforts to lose your unwanted weight.  The holistic paradigm is not only a necessary change for you if you’ve been unable to lose unwanted weight, but it will also become the “conventional wisdom” (the paradigm used by everyone) as this century unfolds.