How Being Trapped in an MRI Machine Can Produce Immense Gratitude

claustrophobia  Here’s another cool, real life illustration of holism, or, more specifically, the connection between mind and body. I just got an MRI on my right shoulder.

I love to play baseball and I’ve played left field and third base in a mens’ 0ver-thirty-eight league for years.  I’ve got a strong throwing arm (just ask the batters I’ve hit when my team has been forced to use me as a pitcher). It’s taken a toll on my throwing shoulder.  And I needed it checked out.

Those of us in the league, by the way, often find it important to highlight that we’re not playing softball, but, instead, are playing “little league for old men”. 😉

I didn’t think I was claustrophobic.  That is until I went into an MRI machine.  Three minutes in and I was buzzing the technician, “Get me out of here!  I do not want to do this!” (Click that link to Tweet it) Continue reading

How to Be a Victim and Suffer Greatly Every Day

Victim  I know how to be a victim.  I played one for many years.

The formula is simple:

  1. Believe that life happens “to” you
  2. Believe that you have no control or influence over your life’s circumstances
  3. Believe that someone, or something, outside yourself is responsible for your circumstances and your happiness
  4. Try to figure out how to please that someone, or something, enough so that someone, or something, will give you what you desire to be happy
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Two Important Reasons You Should Feel Grateful for Your Pain

gratitude  Be grateful for your pain.  Right now.

Embrace it.  In fact, try telling yourself this story: “Although I don’t enjoy pain, I’m grateful for it today.”

Okay…You’ve Gone Too Far This Time; I Think You’ve Lost It

Am I nuts to suggest that?  Who wants pain, after all?  And, thus, who would be grateful for it?

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