Which Story About a Penny Actually Unleashes an Avalanche of Money?

pennies Two  People are learning about me through my friendship with Pam Grout.  Pam, who is truly the coolest of the cool, included my Penny Experiment in her best-seller, E-Cubed.

I want to reiterate, as my Penny Experiment says, that manifesting a penny is a miracle.  A phenomenal, fantastic, explosively exciting event!  One which you can choose to rightfully celebrate in full-on, raise-the-roof fashion.

“Hold on, Greg,” you might say, “Slow your roll.  First of all, a penny is but a pittance of the financial abundance I seek.  Secondly, pennies are everywhere; finding one is no big deal!”

And my response?  You’re absolutely correct.  Continue reading

The Most Common Ways People Unknowingly Abuse Themselves

Do you ever take the feedback you receive personally?

For example, when you receive the following information, do you take it personally – the sniffles, chills, and a fever?  When you have the sniffles, chills and a fever, after all, that is information which tells you that you probably have a cold.  And, thus, you now know you need to rest and recuperate if you wish to be well. Continue reading

How Do You Know if That’s Actually You in the Mirror?

beardmirror  Have you ever seen one of those funhouse mirrors where, if you place your head just right, your reflection looks like you’re wearing a clown nose or a wild hat?

Have you ever stopped to think, though, that this is how we all try to manifest our desires, prior to learning to play “Grow a Greater You”?

Sound strange? Continue reading