Why Stewart Smalley Needs to Start Telling Better-Feeling Stories

stuart_smalley  Isn’t what I teach in my blog and my books just a repackaging of positive affirmations?  I was asked that recently.

Great question.

What is the difference, anyway, between telling yourself new stories about all your life’s circumstances (which is what I teach to create a more pleasing reality) versus giving yourself positive affirmations? (Click that link to Tweet it)

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You Can End Your Search for the Elusive Magical Instructions You Always Thought You Needed

magical action  Quantum Physics tells us that our actions are not the most important things.  They are important, just not as important as…our feelings.

Is This Some Crazy New Age Nonsense?  My Feelings Are More Important Than My Actions?

This can be a difficult concept to believe, let alone embrace.  After all, don’t we all take actions every day to make things happen?  It’s Continue reading