Arguing with Your Reflection Would Be Crazy…So Why Do You Do It Every Day?

argue  If you saw someone arguing with her reflection in a mirror, wouldn’t you steer a wide berth around her?  Wouldn’t you say to yourself, “There’s a good example of how nature says, ‘Do Not Touch’ “?

Sure.  Who wouldn’t?

I mean, seriously, do you argue  with your reflection?  Do you dispute what you see in your mirror?  When you see your reflection in a pane of glass, do you think to yourself, “That is absolute B.S.!  That is not true!”?

Of course not.  Why would you?

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How to Get Exactly What You Want on Your Birthday

birthday boy  Okay.  Time for a fun story that illustrates one person’s extreme commitment to telling the best-feeling, believable story possible.  (Click that link to Tweet it)

Our hero is a boy who has already figured out that the stories we tell ourselves (the value and meaning we assign to things) are vitally important because they create our beliefs.

  • And our beliefs create our expectations (unconsciously).
  • And our expectations are the vehicle for our coherence with the energy of the quantum field – which creates our material reality.
  • Hence, the stories we tell come true.

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How to Make Oprah Winfrey Wail and Gnash Her Teeth

Oprah  What is financial abundance?  What is wealth?

  • Having a vacation home in the mountains or the shore?
  • Taking a couple great vacations a year to the Caribbean?
  • Having no debt at all?
  • Owning a shiny new BMW?
  • Having a million dollars in the bank?

Would you call any of those “financial abundance”?  Perhaps, but if Oprah Winfrey woke up tomorrow with any of those things she might be tempted to jump out a tall window.  After all, if she “only” had that stuff in her life, instead of what she calls financial abundance, it would be a dramatic fall for her (and others with her levels of achievement).  Continue reading