Does Sending Me Your Hard-Earned Money Really Do Anything Valuable For Either of Us?

Hug  What are my books?  What is this website?  What are my seminars?  What are my YouTube videos and interviews?

All of those things are information I’m sharing with you.  Information that I infuse with every ounce of energy possible to make each as valuable and useful as possible.

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Claim Your Astonishing Gift From Future Humans – Register Today

BMW Greg 2 I can’t explain my latest journey up the Emotional Reference Chart, the journal of which has become next book, except as “revelatory.”

The mind-blowing, game-changing insights being revealed to me as I write and live my beliefs into alignment with my desires are going to change what manifesting means.  They will allow you to manifest your desires more reliably and predictably than you ever dreamed possible.

Bold talk?  Wait until I teach you what is being revealed to me! Continue reading

Are You Confusing Selfishness with Self-Centeredness By Pretending You’re Satisfied?​

Trade Fair Supermarket 30-08 30th Avenue Astoria, NY

As the desserts were brought to the table this Thanksgiving dinner, each person was asked whether or not they’d like a piece of pie.

As you often hear, the pie server was met with a lot of “I’ll just have a little” responses.

When I was asked, however, I had a burst of impish creative energy.

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