How a Light Two-Mile Jog Can Erase a Small Avalanche of Donuts and Pizza from Your Belly

jogging-weight-loss  I recently tried a quantum weight loss experiment, using me as the test subject.  This experiment is typical of experiments I performed to perfect the formulas I teach you in Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat.

Doctor Frankenstein, the Test Subject is Ready!

The basis for this experiment is all surrounding facts I’ve also discussed in this blog:

  • Reality is subjective; each person sees her own unique universe
  • Your thoughts are real, tangible things and they manifest into physical reality for you
  • Your beliefs dictate your expectations and your expectations tell the sub-atomic particles what to form in your material reality

For five straight days I ate the following:

  1. At least four Krispy Kreme donuts (one chocolate-glazed whipped cream filled, one regular-glazed whipped cream filled, one glazed  blueberry cake, and one chocolate-glazed custard filled)
  2. An entire Little Caesar’s sausage pizza for lunch (just the topping though; not the dough)
  3. A regular breakfast and dinner (nothing unusual from my routine)

I did not do any concerted exercise during this period.  By the fourth day I was feeling fat.  And, when I looked in the mirror, I was seeing “fat”.

Now Come On!  How “Fat” Can Someone Actually Get in Four Days?

Although logic would dictate that I would’ve only put on, at most, about four or five pounds with this four-day diet (I did not include actually weighing myself as part of this experiment), the power of my beliefs, and the feelings that accompanied them, were awesome to behold.  Eating these foods that are difficult for me not to call “bad” and doing little exercise had me both feeling and seeing “fat”.

And Really?  How “Thin” Can Someone Actually Get After One Jog?

On the afternoon of the fourth day I went for a jog.  Nothing strenuous – just a couple miles.  Before I left, I was still feeling fat and I lifted my shirt to verify that I was still seeing “fat”.

Jogging is something that I choose to call “good” for my body and I have told myself enough good feeling stories about it that it has tremendous power over how I feel about my body and what I see in the mirror.

As I jogged, I concentrated on how good it felt to be out moving and caring for my body.  I focused on how grateful I was to be outside moving all the different muscles, stimulating my circulation, and pushing sweat out of my pores.

When I returned from my two-mile jog and stretched I noted the following:  I immediately felt “thin”.  And, just as experience has shown me would happen, when I looked in the mirror I saw “thin”.  Just from that one jog!

Although logic would dictate that I wouldn’t have lost any weight from a simple two-mile jog , the power of my beliefs, and the feelings that accompanied them, were awesome to behold.  Doing this exercise which I choose to call “good” and focusing my energy, during this exercise, upon gratitude and joy immediately changed how I felt about my body and what I saw in the mirror.

How Soon Can You See “Thin” if You Start Changing Your Beliefs Today?

I’m not suggesting that going on a two-mile jog, while giving yourself positive affirmations will give you the same results.  If you haven’t changed your beliefs about your weight, your eating, your movement, and your body, such action will most likely not have that effect.


Why “yet”?  I am guaranteeing that if you change your beliefs about your weight, your eating, your movement, and your body, to ones that serve you like I have done, you will be able to have results like this.  Well, actually, I’m only passing along the guarantee; the guarantee comes from the reliable and precise science of quantum physics and, thus, from how our universe actually operates.

Today, day number five, I’ve still felt and seen some residual “fat” (that was a lot of eating food I choose to call “bad”, after all).  I am about to go on another light, two-mile jog and I know I will feel almost completely “thin” afterwards and will see even more “thin” in the mirror.

Within 24 hours I will know I’m “thin” again!  And, thus, I will be.

If you do not have this ability yet (with your weight and your body) make sure you are changing your beliefs in these areas to ones that serve you in this way.  My book is a phenomenal resource for teaching you exactly how to do this.

And stay tuned to this blog for more tips and techniques for how to use quantum physics to finally lose your unwanted weight…

The Biggest Problem Your Current Beliefs About Your Brain are Causing You

WilderPenfield  Which one should matter more to someone who wants to lose unwanted weight?  Your mind or your brain?

“Aren’t they the same?”, you ask.  Good question.  Sometimes the two terms are used interchangeably, but if you’re wanting to lose unwanted weight you should know the difference.

The Most Famous Neurosurgeon You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The famous Canadian neurosurgeon, Dr. Wilder Penfield, is famous for having done seminal research upon the human brain.  You may not have heard his name, but you’re no doubt familiar with all the parts of the brain he discovered and identified.  The motor cortex, the sensory cortex, “left brain”, and “right brain” are but some of Dr. Penfield’s contributions to neurology.

Perhaps Dr. Penfield’s Most Amazing Day in the Lab

There is a story you need to know about Dr. Penfield’s research if you want to finally lose your unwanted weight.  It occurred during his experimentation on the motor cortex.

Dr. Penfield had a research subject whose brain was exposed.  As he stimulatined a part of his subject’s brain with a light electrical charge, Dr. Penfield was amazed that his subject suddenly moved his arm.

“What just happened?”, Dr. Penfield asked his subject.

“My arm moved.”, was his subject’s response.

“Did you move it?”, probed the doctor.

“No, it moved on it’s own.”, his subject answered.

“Can you move it?”, asked Dr. Penfield.

“I think so.”, came the answer.  And then his subject proceeded to move his arm back to it’s original position.

Dr. Penfield was rightfully excited to realize that he had just discovered a part of the brain, that, when stimulated by electricity, commanded his research subject’s arm to move.  He had just discovered the motor cortex!  When Dr. Penfield’s electrical stimulus “commanded” that portion of the brain to do so, his subject’s arm was moved automatically.

Additionally, Dr. Penfield noted that his subject had moved his arm back to its original position without the electrical stimulus.  He was motivated by the thought that he would someday discover the portion of the brain where the actual decision to move the arm was made (not just carried out).

Okay…Dr. Penfield Found the “Where”, Next He Wanted to Find the “How” and “Why”

And here is where you should start really caring about this story, if you  want to lose unwanted weight:  Dr. Penfield never found the part of the brain where decisions are made!

And do you know why he never found that part of the brain?  It’s because there is no part of your brain where decisions are madeIt doesn’t exist.  In fact, nowhere in your physical body does there exist anything that makes decisions – every single part of your body can only execute, or carry out, decisions.

Yet you make decisions every second of every day, don’t you?  You decided to read this blog post a few moments ago.  You decided to go for a walk instead of plop down in front of the television yesterday evening.  You decided to have a glass of water instead of cola earlier today.  And on and on and on.

So who or what is making those decisions if not your brain?

Who Are “You”?  Inquiring Minds Want to Know

It’s your mind.  Or, put another way, your non-physical energy.  Your mind, or your non-physical energy, is most definitely very real.  And, in fact, since it is your mind from where all your decisions are made, can’t we make a case for the following statement:  Can’t we say that your mind, or your non-physical energy, is more “you” than your physical body (the elegant “tool” which carries out your mind’s decisions)?

The ramifications of this for your weight loss are staggering and of ultimate importance.  Learning to harmonize your physical body (which includes the amazing “tool” we call your brain) with your mind, or your non-physical energy, is something you can learn to do.  In fact, it’s something you must learn to do if you have struggled with an inability to lose your unwanted weight.

You’ve heard this referred to as the mind/body connection and, because of new paradigms from quantum physics, this topic is being discussed and written about more and more.

Luckily for us, quantum physics offers us a doorway into the profoundly important skill of harmonizing your body and your mind.  It’s not complicated and it’s actually fun to learn.

Stay tuned to this blog for methods and techniques which will help you do that…

People Want to Know How to Use Quantum Physics to Lose Unwanted Weight

Tracy pic3  Tracy Kauffman is a Christian author who specializes in Children’s and Young Adult Books. She has written: My Boyfriend the Squire, Southern Adventures, and Gwendolyn’s Wish.

Why am I talking about Tracy Kauffman?  It is not just because she is an author who has written three cool non-fiction books.

I am talking about Tracy Kauffman because she became interested in my new book, Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat and interviewed me on her author’s blog.  Please read the interview here and be kind enough to comment on her blog if you’re so inclined.

Because Tracy was interested in interviewing me, I’d like to ask you to investigate Tracy’s middle age/time travel/romance/adventure My Boyfriend the Squire and Tracy’s children’s book about a young girl who meets a special wish-granting friend Gwendolyn’s Wish.

Oh and, by the way, Tracy is a nice person and a talented storyteller.  Please pay her blog a visit and read my interview.