A Secret, Free Game Guaranteed to Infuse You with Joy and Abundance Every Time You Play

last night on earth  What is your favorite game?

  • A card game like Bridge or Spades?
  • A board game like Monopoly or Risk?
  • A party game like Charades?

Our family likes to play Last Night on Earth, a board game where some of the players are humans and the rest are zombies.  Pretty cool, huh?

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How You Can Be As Joyful As Dr. Amit Goswami Today

amit goswami  Theoretical quantum physicist, Dr. Amit Goswami, is one of my favorite authors.  He says that you can easily tell whether you are fully present in the pre-cognitive moment.  You will feel joy.

Where and When a Conscious Creator is Most Powerful

The pre-cognitive moment, you’ll remember, is the measurable fraction of a second between the time you place your awareness on the Continue reading