It May Be Vitally Important to Light Your Cigars With Hundred Dollar Bills

king on throne  You desire what you desire.  Perhaps, if you’re like many, you desire effortless wealth which flows to you in excess.

Do you want to use that wealth to provide for your loved ones?  Do you want to use it to give generously to your favorite charities?

Or do you want to use it to light cigars with hundred dollar bills?

What if I told you it doesn’t matter?  What if I told you that you’re allowed to want anything you want?  No matter the reason; no matter the motivation. Continue reading

A Secret, Free Game Guaranteed to Infuse You with Joy and Abundance Every Time You Play

last night on earth  What is your favorite game?

  • A card game like Bridge or Spades?
  • A board game like Monopoly or Risk?
  • A party game like Charades?

Our family likes to play Last Night on Earth, a board game where some of the players are humans and the rest are zombies.  Pretty cool, huh?

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