Stop Caring Whether Or Not You’re “Doing It Right” and Start Caring About What’s Actually Important​

Doing it right  We all grew up understanding that a teacher (of any subject) instructs us about things we don’t know well enough yet.

Since we don’t know the subject matter well enough to claim mastery of it, we learn from our teacher and weigh our understanding against hers.  In other words, we use the teacher’s knowledge and mastery of the subject to see if we’re getting it right – to see if we’re doing it right.

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Why Aren’t You Using the Intentional Creator’s One and Only True Litmus Test?​

litmus test

Most of us grew up asking ourselves, “Will my mother (or father) approve of this?”

This was our litmus test for whether something was okay for us or not.  This was the question we asked ourselves to help determine whether or not we should do something.

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