Grow a Greater You, For Free, With a Group of Truly Fun, Friendly People

facebook Is there anything more powerful than having people of a like mind to work or play with?

What if you had a community of supportive friends to play “Grow a Greater You” with?  What if that community were free to join and be a part of?

And what if you could participate in this community as fully (or as lightly) as your desire for growth spurs you (and your time permits) on any given day?

Well, my friend, look no further. Continue reading

Who Would Blame You For Feeling Envious Of Gravity?

gravity  Do you ever feel envious of gravity?

Gravity, after all, isn’t bound by the dimensional laws of time and space like we are.  Gravity is everywhere, all at once, at all times.

Were we able to mimic gravity, we would also be everywhere at once; we would no longer be local time/space events.  We’d also experience timelessness; we would exist in an eternal “right now.” Continue reading

Quantum Manifesting Is an Astonishing Gift From Future Humans to You

My 3 Series  My latest journey up the Emotional Reference Chart while continuing to play “Grow a Greater You” has absolutely blown my mind.

I am chronicling every step and will publish it all very soon.  This will be the first book which not only explains how to manifest, but also lets you walk every step with me as I grow and change and shows you, in real time, the actual manifestations as they happen.

The BMW pictured in this post?  That is a photo of the actual gorgeous driving machine I manifested this week and took my wife out to dinner in last night.  In the upcoming book you’ll watch me manifest it right in front of your eyes – seeing exactly how, what, why, when, and where!   Continue reading