Who Do You Think You Are and What Are You Looking At?

Who  I received what I perceived as an angry email from “D”, in response to my latest newsletter issue.

If you haven’t noticed, I use female pronouns a heck of a lot.  I enjoy writing “her” rather than “him.”

My latest newsletter, yet again, referenced “her.”

And it made “D” mad. Continue reading

Hide and Seek Really Isn’t a Very Fun Game for You Anymore

Hide and Seek  When you play “Grow a Greater You”, it’s bound to happen.  Eventually you will be at the top of the Emotional Reference Chart regarding your beliefs about being worthy of a chosen desire.

And that means you’re reveling in the the full expression and experience of your desire, right?  Just as you’ve long dreamed.

But what if that’s not what happens?  Then what do you do? Continue reading

Why Unleashing an Angry Bear is Truly Nothing Compared to a Cute Bunny

roger_bannister  You probably already know that in 1954, Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile barrier.

But I’m betting you might not know that he did it by telling himself the best-feeling, believable story possible.

That’s right – Roger Bannister was playing “Grow a Greater You”! Continue reading