What If I Got Ambushed?

Tanya Stewart  What if someone I love as a teacher, coach, and friend suckered me with a claim to let me “share my ideas”?  And then, ambushed me by holding me accountable to deliver only my whole message, clearly and concisely?

What if she expected nothing short of my best?  And what if she accepted nothing short of my best?

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Grow a Greater You, For Free, With a Group of Truly Fun, Friendly People

facebook Is there anything more powerful than having people of a like mind to work or play with?

What if you had a community of supportive friends to play “Grow a Greater You” with?  What if that community were free to join and be a part of?

And what if you could participate in this community as fully (or as lightly) as your desire for growth spurs you (and your time permits) on any given day?

Well, my friend, look no further. Continue reading