Why Fear is a Cool Friend You Wouldn’t Want to Be Without

fear  Fear is pretty cool.  Not only is it a handy tool, it’s supposed to be there.

Fear is your friend.  (Except, of course, when its not)  But there’s no doubt we’re supposed to have fear.


Because we must have fear in order to be human.  The root of all fear is a byproduct of something all humans must have. (Click that link to Tweet it)

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How to Stop Calling People Jerks

smiling person  It’s fun to see excellence.

I remember a time, however, when seeing success made me feel envious and jealous. (Click that link to Tweet it) In fact, I’m still capable of feeling that way at any given moment, because I held beliefs which reinforced those feelings for a good portion of my life.

If I’m not vigilant, I can still feel that way today.

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Two Important Reasons You Should Feel Grateful for Your Pain

gratitude  Be grateful for your pain.  Right now.

Embrace it.  In fact, try telling yourself this story: “Although I don’t enjoy pain, I’m grateful for it today.”

Okay…You’ve Gone Too Far This Time; I Think You’ve Lost It

Am I nuts to suggest that?  Who wants pain, after all?  And, thus, who would be grateful for it?

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