Is the Quantum Field God?

Bill Ayre wants to discuss an astounding concept. Is the Quantum Field God?  Or, put another way, is God the Quantum Field?  


If so, physicists are discovering God. Bit by bit, getting closer. Is that happening?


What Is the Quantum Field Like?


The Quantum Field, a physicist will tell you, is:


  • Omniscient
  • Omnipresent
  • Omnipotent
  • All possibilities
  • The source of everything
  • Eternal


A physicist might use scientific terminology, but those are the characteristics she’d be describing.  Does that sound like God?  I think so.


It’s an Interesting Question from Either Direction


If you agree, what does that mean?  

Did early humans, lacking science, give the name “God” to the Quantum Field?  

Have modern humans, with science, given the name “Quantum Field” to God?




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Why Monty Hall Was Right – A Guest Post By Pam Grout

Pam Grout  Pam Grout continues to take the law of attraction/self-empowerment world by storm.  And for good reason: she is an insightful and cogent writer who is an even better person.  I’ve been very happy to get to know her and call her my friend.

If you haven’t yet read her latest book, E Squared, did you know you are one of only thirty-five people in the United States who hasn’t?  Okay…I’m kidding.  But E Squared is (rightfully) selling like mad and generating a boatload of awesome praise.  Check it out for yourself.

“Where is the joy in my life and what have I sacrificed it for?
–Elizabeth Gilbert

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