How to Misuse Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking  Every now and again I like to dispel some myths about positive thinking. One of the worst is the myth that positive thinking is how to use the law of attraction. Before I created my process to align our beliefs with our desires, I had to learn the hard way that positive thinking is not a cure-all.

Positive thinking does not take the place of telling stories that guide your beliefs into coherence with your desires.  And the latter is how to truly use the law of attraction. Continue reading

What To Do When You Backslide Into Old (Bad) Feelings

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  You’re changing your beliefs, slowly but surely, by consistently telling yourself the best-feeling, believable stories you can muster.  In fact, you find yourself at the emotional perspective of “joy” regularly these days.  Your manifestations are pleasing – they reflect the greater alignment between your beliefs and your desires.

And, them, BAM!  You backslide.  All of a sudden, you’re feeling low.  Depressed even.  Like you used to feel so often. Continue reading

You Can End Your Search for the Elusive Magical Instructions You Always Thought You Needed

magical action  Quantum Physics tells us that our actions are not the most important things.  They are important, just not as important as…our feelings.

Is This Some Crazy New Age Nonsense?  My Feelings Are More Important Than My Actions?

This can be a difficult concept to believe, let alone embrace.  After all, don’t we all take actions every day to make things happen?  It’s Continue reading