How Our Cat Reminded Us That Death Is a Very Effective Illusion

KatieforSquidoo3  On Monday, December 23rd, we said goodbye to a dear member of our family.  Our beloved cat, Katie.

Katie had cancer and after a surgery to remove a massive tumor, the tumor came back rapidly.  It quickly became obvious that helping Katie say goodbye to her body was the most loving thing we could do for her.  And during her transition, Katie showed me just how literal is the phrase: “We are spiritual beings having physical experiences”. Continue reading

How to Make Oprah Winfrey Wail and Gnash Her Teeth

Oprah  What is financial abundance?  What is wealth?

  • Having a vacation home in the mountains or the shore?
  • Taking a couple great vacations a year to the Caribbean?
  • Having no debt at all?
  • Owning a shiny new BMW?
  • Having a million dollars in the bank?

Would you call any of those “financial abundance”?  Perhaps, but if Oprah Winfrey woke up tomorrow with any of those things she might be tempted to jump out a tall window.  After all, if she “only” had that stuff in her life, instead of what she calls financial abundance, it would be a dramatic fall for her (and others with her levels of achievement).  Continue reading

Why There’s No Way You Would Ever Want to Stop Referring to Yourself

self referral  A Buddhist monk might tell you that “all is illusion.”  Strangely enough, so might a quantum physicist.

Why might they both say the same thing?  They both understand, albeit from different perspectives, that the material world is a very effective illusion. Continue reading