Who Would Blame You For Feeling Envious Of Gravity?

gravity  Do you ever feel envious of gravity?

Gravity, after all, isn’t bound by the dimensional laws of time and space like we are.  Gravity is everywhere, all at once, at all times.

Were we able to mimic gravity, we would also be everywhere at once; we would no longer be local time/space events.  We’d also experience timelessness; we would exist in an eternal “right now.” Continue reading

Why a Falling Tree Never Actually Strikes Alfred When He Contextually Creates a Forest

Context-1  I was asked by a subscriber to my Why Quantum Physicists… newsletter, Alfred, why I use the term “contextual creation” when referring to the role we play as creators in our universe.  You’re famous now Alfred!  Take a bow.

I started using the term “contextual creator” while writing my new book, Why Quantum Physicists Play “Grow a Greater You”.  Here’s why: Continue reading