Stop Manipulating and Start Creating

Dont Make It Happen  If you make circumstances occur, to have the experience you desire, you are not creating.

This will probably sound strange.  Manifesting $500,000 to experience abundance, security, worth, or importance is not “creating”; you will not create those desired experiences by making $500,000.  You will, in fact, re-create the undesirable experience of scarcity. Continue reading

You Actually Experience Yoga Like a Master During Your Very First Class

YogaI love yoga.  I went to my second class today and I’m so grateful my wife wouldn’t stop telling me I’d love it until I tried it.  She was right.

Yoga shares something with playing “Grow a Greater You” that makes it super-cool.

And it’s not tight pants. Continue reading

Hide and Seek Really Isn’t a Very Fun Game for You Anymore

Hide and Seek  When you play “Grow a Greater You”, it’s bound to happen.  Eventually you will be at the top of the Emotional Reference Chart regarding your beliefs about being worthy of a chosen desire.

And that means you’re reveling in the the full expression and experience of your desire, right?  Just as you’ve long dreamed.

But what if that’s not what happens?  Then what do you do? Continue reading