How to Use a Paintbrush to Realize Your Greatest Desires

Ted Nuttall  When we allow our desires to manifest (by aligning our beliefs with them) we always receive an additional gift: greater desires.

Achieving or attaining a milestone only opens us up to still greater desire. And, of course, the good news is that all we need do is continue to raise our vibrations to align with the new, greater, grander desires! The universe isn’t a tease – we always have the “tools” in hand to continue to grow and align with anything we desire! Continue reading

How to Be a Victim and Suffer Greatly Every Day

Victim  I know how to be a victim.  I played one for many years.

The formula is simple:

  1. Believe that life happens “to” you
  2. Believe that you have no control or influence over your life’s circumstances
  3. Believe that someone, or something, outside yourself is responsible for your circumstances and your happiness
  4. Try to figure out how to please that someone, or something, enough so that someone, or something, will give you what you desire to be happy
  5. Continue reading

Why Stewart Smalley Needs to Start Telling Better-Feeling Stories

stuart_smalley  Isn’t what I teach in my blog and my books just a repackaging of positive affirmations?  I was asked that recently.

Great question.

What is the difference, anyway, between telling yourself new stories about all your life’s circumstances (which is what I teach to create a more pleasing reality) versus giving yourself positive affirmations? (Click that link to Tweet it)

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