Quantum Manifesting Is an Astonishing Gift From Future Humans to You

My 3 Series  My latest journey up the Emotional Reference Chart while continuing to play “Grow a Greater You” has absolutely blown my mind.

I am chronicling every step and will publish it all very soon.  This will be the first book which not only explains how to manifest, but also lets you walk every step with me as I grow and change and shows you, in real time, the actual manifestations as they happen.

The BMW pictured in this post?  That is a photo of the actual gorgeous driving machine I manifested this week and took my wife out to dinner in last night.  In the upcoming book you’ll watch me manifest it right in front of your eyes – seeing exactly how, what, why, when, and where!   Continue reading

Are You Confusing Selfishness with Self-Centeredness By Pretending You’re Satisfied?​

Trade Fair Supermarket 30-08 30th Avenue Astoria, NY

As the desserts were brought to the table this Thanksgiving dinner, each person was asked whether or not they’d like a piece of pie.

As you often hear, the pie server was met with a lot of “I’ll just have a little” responses.

When I was asked, however, I had a burst of impish creative energy.

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If You Want an Awesome Hug, For Free, Meet Me This Saturday In Nashville

flying  Woo Hoo!  Free hugs!

An Evening With Greg Kuhn this Saturday, January 17th, 4:30 – 7:30 PM

Grow a Greater You: Learn to Use Universal Laws to Intentionally Create Your Ideal Life

Follow this link to register:  Grow a Greater You Seminar, January 17th

$60.00 per person includes coffee, tea and light hors d’oeuvres

Nashville, TN

Thistle Stop Café

5128 Charlotte Avenue

From the event flyer:

Join us to discover how our universe actually works, and start playing an amazing game, “Grow a Greater You.”
o Learn the often surprising truth about the source of every experience you have in the material world.
o Demystify your “bad” experiences and even learn why they are vitally important (hint: it may not be why you think).
o Recognize a simple, easy-to-use shortcut to quickly transform almost any circumstance, no matter how unwanted, into a blessing.
o Identify the three simple categories into which you should place every desire – and exactly how to manifest each.
o Discover an incredibly fun and rewarding game, based entirely upon real science, that not only exponentially improves your experience of life, but also makes suffering optional forever – “Grow a Greater You”.
Greg Kuhn is a professional educator and futurist who shows real people how to create the life they have always dreamed of. He does this by making universal laws from quantum physics simple and easy to apply.

He is the author of the best-selling Why Quantum Physicists series and has been dubbed “The Law of Attraction Science Guy.” Learn more about Greg, read his enlightening articles, and subscribe to his newsletter at www.WhyQuantumPhysicists.com.

Due to Greg’s affinity for our seminar host, he will donate 50% of all proceeds of all book sales from this event to Thistle Farms.