Why a Placebo Can Relieve Constipation But Won’t Make You Fly

placebo-effect  The power of placebos is a well-established fact.  Even the most avowed pessimists who claim that there is not mind/body connection must affirm it.  If you’re unfamiliar – a placebo is an inert pill (a sugar pill, for example) which the recipient believes is an actual drug or medicine.

We’ve known for quite some time that placebos work at a very effective rate, which can be surprising considering they contain no actual active ingredients (i.e. they contain no medicine).  Obviously, the only explanation for their power to produce the same results expected from the actual drug is the power of your mind.  That and the syphonophoric relationship (and I think I just made up a new word there 😉 ) between your mind and your body. Continue reading

How are You Similar to a Portuguese Man o’ War?

man-of-war  On our vacation to Florida this past June, my wife and I came across a Portuguese Man o’ War on the beach.  We saw it, already dead, while taking an morning walk.  It was beautiful (as the photo shows), yet we were both glad we didn’t encounter it, alive, in the water.

A Portuguese Man o’ War, by the way, is not a jellyfish.  It is a Siphonophorae.  A Siphonophorae is not a single organism, but a colony composed of many individual animals.   The colony of animals all cooperate as they live together, in the manner of a single organism, and they could not stay alive if they separated.

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